New Signature Rewards

Written by Team WildStar on February 15, 2017

With the upcoming Power of the Primal Matrix update we’re expanding Signature benefits, continuing our monthly in-game rewards, and rewarding players who are continuing subscribers. Check out all the key details below, and if you’re not Signature already, you’re sure going to want to be! Start getting everything you can from your time on Nexus with a Signature membership.

Signature Monthly Rewards – March/April

We’re keeping the monthly rewards rolling with the Dream Fawngrazer pet, and Magic Fun Stuff dye. These exclusive rewards are automagically delivered to those with an active Signature membership during these months—you won’t want to miss out!

Primal Matrix Essence Bonus

Signature membership already provides a ton of great bonuses and benefits, improving upon the already spectacular free experience of WildStar. With the upcoming Primal Matrix system we’re adding even more value to Signature by increasing member Essence drops by 50%! That means with every 2 Essence a non-Signature member would receive, you’ll get 3! Gain Essence faster to progress through your Primal Matrix unlocks faster, and get to those sweet, sweet bonuses.

Signature Anniversary Gift

The Starfall anniversary event this June is going to bring back a month of weekly events and rewards to celebrate another great year on Nexus. In addition, those that have been a Signature member for at least 90 days* between January 1 and June 1 will receive an extra special gift—firework mount flair!

In addition to the great Signature bonuses and benefits you get every day—including the new Essence bonus—and in addition to the new upcoming March and April monthly rewards, and in addition to the other gifts and rewards for the event itself, our dedicated Signature members will be receiving this amazingly explosive set of mount flair.

*Reward will be delivered based on used Signature time only, and not time purchased. Used Signature time does not need to be contiguous (e.g. 30 days could have been used January 1-31, and 60 days from March 1-April 30).

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