Evil from the Ether

Written by Team WildStar on January 12, 2017

A Mordesh cruiser—the Zarkhov’s Shade—is drifting towards Nexus following the vessel’s mysterious disappearance from Grismaran space. The last time the ship was seen was when it attempted to run the Dominion blockade around the Mordesh home world. Before the Dominion could intercept her, the Shade disappeared from all sensors and scopes... almost as if she had never existed.

Now the Shade has been found by an ambitious Ekose captain named Biron Weir and it must be investigated. What mysteries are hidden within the hull of the enigmatic vessel? How did it disappear, only to reappear once more just a short distance from Nexus? What is the fate of the ship’s crew and their brilliant captain, Katja Zarkhov? All this and more waits to be revealed in Evil from the Ether!

Expeditions have proven widely popular with players who are interested in short-session gameplay. When coming up with a new concept for an Expedition, we like to mash together our favorite sci-fi tropes with stories or bits of WildStar lore that might need more attention. The tragic story of the Contagion’s ultimate effects on the Mordesh is one that’s only touched on in a few places within WildStar’s questing experience. Since it’s such a key element of what drives the Mordesh, we felt it was important to introduce it to a wider audience.

There’s plenty of combat to be found in the corridors of the Zarkhov’s Shade, especially for those interested in challenging themselves within the new Prime scaling system. Plus, Evil from the Ether will be joining The Gauntlet and They Came from Fragment Zero! as an Expedition that can be scaled for increased difficulty and rewards. So grab some friends—or go it alone, if you dare—and see how far you can climb before the Ravenous beat you down!

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