Madame Fay’s Winterfest Fortunes

Written by Team WildStar on December 14, 2016

Madame Fay’s Winterfest Fortunes are here, and they’re packed with holiday-themed goodies! She’s managed to wrangle a number of holiday-themed items, and in her infinite wisdom has crammed them into tiny capsules. Each capsule you open contains a random chance at her latest offerings (including mounts, décor, currencies, and consumables), and as you open more you’ll fill up Madame Fay’s carrot meter. Once it’s full you’re guaranteed an item of purple quality of better in your next Fortune! It’s the only guarantee in the universe signified by a giant magic-filled carrot (as far as we’re aware).

Get Sleighed

The fabulous, amazing, incredibly wonderful Ho Ho Ho Mobile mounts are the talk of Nexus. Gawk at its delicate gold plating. Be puzzled by the mounted animal head, and if it’s still alive, does it ever wonder what the heck nog is (?). Admire the jolly yet menacing carvings of skull-faced revelers that add a touch of the sinister to the celebratory. And, last but not least, imagine yourself sitting atop its glistening seat, riding it across Nexus to eternal glory.

*The Ho Ho Ho Mobile mount variations in the Madame Fay Fortunes will be rotating approximately every few weeks; beginning with the green and gold versions, followed by blue and gold, and then all color variants will be available until the next Fortune inventory refresh. We’ll be providing updates on our @WildStar Twitter for when these rotations occur.

After collecting both non-gold variants, you can purchase a Ho Ho Ho Mobile Gilding Catalyst for 1 gold from the Madame Fay Far-Traders (found in Illium and Thayd) to consume the mounts and spit out the gold version. It’s important to note that when turning in the color variants for the gold version, the unclaimed mount items must be in your inventory. If the mounts are claimed by a character to be used, they cannot then also be used to create the gold version. Of course keep in mind there is a rare chance to win the gold version directly from a Fortune, and it isn’t on a rotating schedule like the other variants.

Stocking Stuffers

Ok, sure, there’s other stuff besides the Ho Ho Ho Mobile too, of course. Let’s see some of ‘em!

Fortune Coins are purchased directly from the In-Game Store, and can be redeemed for Madame Fay’s Fortunes (accessed through the golden carrot icon), which can include a wide variety of items, décor, mounts, currencies, and consumables. Hit your ‘N’ key inside WildStar to bring up the In-Game Store.

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