Totally Lof-tight Store Update

Written by Team WildStar on November 09, 2016

Yo, That Girrok is Lof-tight!

Signature Preview

When putting a saddle on a battle-ravaged Girrok doesn’t quite convey just how tough and tumble you are, go ahead and tame one of these beasts that’s also fused to the bone with loftite. Not only will you look pretty menacing atop this freak of nature, you might dampen the knickers of nearby opponents. For a limited time this new mount is available only to Signature Members.

You’re A Survivor, Man

Signature Preview

Brave the wilds in space-aged tribal gear, and show all beasts and enemy combatants that you’re made for the most extreme living. Pick up the Trappers Togs available for a limited time only to Signature Members.

Winter is… Steadily Getting Closer to Being a Seasonal Change That Happens

It’s time to fully embrace the magic of the season and its ever-turning autumn shades. Cozy up on an inviting park bench and enjoy this Fall Park FABkit for your housing plot, complete with quaint lamp, available to everyone on the In-Game Store.

With Friends like These

If you’ve already decked out your home with faction pride, maybe it’s time to consider inviting some friendly folk to loiter about your land. Show your respective superiors that you’re more than willing to host some civilians by picking up the Exile and/or Dominion Citizen Sampler Packs, now off Signature Preview and available to everyone on the In-Game Store.

Maximum Skelocity

It’s time for Madame Fay to swap up her available mounts, and the copper variant of the Skelocirex is now in stock and available to the fortunate among you. As a reminder, this update replaces the chrome variant in the Madame Fay Fortunes. With the next refresh all three color variants will be available for a limited time, which you can collect and turn in for the ultra-rare tar version.

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