Redmoon Terror: The Story So Far

Written by Team WildStar on August 15, 2016

The story of the Redmoon Terror ship and its crew is a long and sordid one, but now looming above Nexus the great pirate ship has returned, and with new threats levied upon those on the planet below. Catch up and be ready to take on the Redmoon Terror—and its pirate crew—with this brief story synopsis.

Laveka the Dark Hearted began her crusade of evil as a humble apprentice to Bloodshaman Akilos in Deradune. Using her wiles to manipulate her master, Laveka unlocked the secrets of the Dark Rites – forbidden rituals used to harness the power of death in direct opposition to the sacred Blood Covenants. Once her path to power had been revealed, Laveka continued her quest to perfect and increase her necromantic abilities.

Akilos sent Draken blood hunters to kill Laveka, but she cleverly avoided their traps. That is, until the Marauders of the Redmoon Terror found her adrift in the Halon Ring. Brought before their bloodthirsty captain, Mordechai Redmoon, the budding necroshaman offered her considerable power in exchange for a spot aboard his ship. Witnessing the effects of Laveka’s necromancy first-hand, Mordechai agreed and allowed her to join his crew.

To further increase her abilities, Laveka required the Mask of Mog Mog located on Skullcano Island. She whispered her dark desires to Mordechai, who eagerly set his course to match that of his new-found paramour. The Redmoon Marauders, driven by their ruthless captain and the prospect of untold riches, descended upon Skullcano Island like a flock of vulcarrion. Although Laveka escaped the island with her coveted mask, Mordechai met his death within the bowels of Skullcano.

Using the force of her own considerable will and terrible threats of necromantic sorcery, Laveka has kept the remaining Redmoon in line. Rumors throughout the Halon Ring, as well as within various Marauder camps on Nexus, indicate that the Redmoon are near to electing a new captain to lead them. Who can this dread captain be? And why do the Redmoon Marauders invite their long-time foes, the Deadstar and Grimvoid Marauders, to a great parley? Only time will tell... hopefully before it’s too late!

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