OST Vol. 2 Arrives August 23

Written by Team WildStar on August 09, 2016

The WildStar original score is celebrated the galaxy over as composer Jeff Kurtenacker expertly mixes sci-fi with fantasy, fun, and the fabulous—and now you’re invited to take an even deeper dive into this intensely immersive tonal landscape with Volume 2, arriving August 23.

Mastered to create an optimal listening experience on any device, anywhere, anytime, Volume 2 expands on the WildStar Original with twenty additional tracks. What’s more, with this second installment you’ll get three exclusive, never-before-heard tracks that have yet to grace the Nexus soundscape!

To refresh your appetite, here’s a quick video looking back at some of Jeff’s recording work for WildStar and the tracks on Volume 1.

The WildStar Original Volume 2 is available for preorder from Sumthing Else Music Works, or where all fine digital albums are sold. Full track list:

  1. Legend Of The Blue Horizon (Story of Dorian Walker)
  2. For The Greater Good (Story of the Cassians)—Exclusive!
  3. Weaponizing of Maniacal Furballs (Story of the Chua)—Exclusive!
  4. From The Ashes (Story of the Aurin)—Exclusive!
  5. The Cold Science of Supremacy (Eldan Theme)
  6. Cutely Grotesque and Certifiably Insane (Chua Theme)
  7. Deconstructing Beauty (Mordesh Theme)
  8. To Serve and Intimidate (Mechari Theme)
  9. Not Always What It Seems (Celestion Zone Theme)
  10. One Way Out (Wilderrun Zone Theme)
  11. Rock Solid Crew (Granok Ambient)
  12. Two Pistols and an Open Frontier (Malgrave Zone Theme)
  13. Sword Maiden's Oath (Torine Theme)
  14. A Sancutary Here (Torine Ambient)
  15. Defend the Gates (Exile Call to Arms)
  16. Reaching (Farside Space Theme)
  17. Ghosts and Grit (Gravestone Ambient)
  18. Heroes from Humble Beginnings (Thayd Marketplace)
  19. The Duality of Existence (Grimvault Zone Theme)
  20. Solemn Shadows (Vigilant Church Ambient)


Soundtrack available in record stores and online via
WildStar Original Soundtrack
℗ 2014 NCSOFT Corporation

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