New! IP Verification

Written by Team WildStar on June 07, 2016

When logging into WildStar, you may notice a new prompt* asking you to verify your IP address before you can enter Nexus. Have no fear! This is a measure to ensure the utmost safety and security of your account, and to help protect all of your hard earned money, space junk, housing décor, or whatever else it is that you’re currently hoarding.

To verify your IP address you’ll be directed to your Account Management page. Upon logging into your account on the website, you’ll be instructed to check your email address for a verification code. In order to verify your IP address and log into the game, you’ll need to input the code and click the “Verify” button.

If you uncheck the box to save your IP address, you will not be allowed to enter the game. If the box was not checked to save your IP location you’ll want to log out of your account on the website, repeat the above steps, check the box to save your IP address, and be ready to embark on your adventures on Nexus.

If you have questions, or experience any technical difficulty, please refer to our Support Knowledge Base article for more information.

*If you don’t receive a prompt prior to logging into WildStar, it’s because your account has already been verified through a prior web login.

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