Starfall is Here!

Written by Team WildStar on May 30, 2016

This June, WildStar’s second anniversary is to be celebrated as Starfall—a month-long holiday marking the discovery of Nexus!

Lore Drop

Starfall is celebrated by members of both factions, but the Exiles and Dominion view the holiday in completely different lights. The Exiles, for instance, celebrate Starfall as the day that Dorian Walker, explorer extraordinaire, defied the odds and discovered their new home. To the Dominion, however, Starfall is a much more spiritual celebration focused on the destiny of their people and the divine providence that has brought them to the home world of the Eldan.

To an Exile, Starfall represents the fact that determination and perseverance are values to be embraced. After all, Dorian Walker, despite the nay-sayers, followed his heart and risked his life to locate Nexus. The holiday is also a declaration of freedom from the tyranny of the Dominion, especially as they establish new settlements and continue to explore the planetary surface.

For citizens of the Dominion, Starfall reminds them that they are ordained by the gods to take possession of Nexus and all its treasures. While the Exiles may have landed on Nexus first, the gods allowed to Dominion to follow close behind in order to maintain the planet’s divine purity against the heresies of their enemy. Starfall also serves as a reminder of the Dominion’s holy origins, as Dominus himself was born there.

Blast from the Past

The Starfall event is focused on weekly challenges and rewards, which not only celebrate WildStar’s anniversary with new items and goodies, but it also offers an unprecedented opportunity to collect rare and long-gone items from the past.

You’ll start the event through a short intro quest that’ll give you some background on the origins of the celebration, as well as ask you to participate by lighting some fireworks and other explosives, and give you an achievement and event title. You can kick it off via the NPCs found in your capital city (Dorian Walker in Thayd, and a hologram of Emperor Mayrcalus himself in Illium), and you’ll want to check the Live Events tab in the welcome window for info and updates as the event progresses.

Here’s a breakdown of the weekly challenges:

Week 1

June 1–7

  • Objective: Complete 15 Challenges
  • Reward: Excellent Party Chest Key

Week 2

June 8–14

  • Objective: Complete 5 Expeditions
  • Reward: Excellent Party Chest Key

Week 3

June 15–21

  • Objective: Complete 3 PvP matches
  • Reward: Excellent Party Chest Key

Week 4

June 22–28

  • Objective: Complete 2 Dungeons
  • Reward: Excellent Party Chest Key

Last Chance

June 29-30

  • Any unfinished quests from previous weeks can be completed


Weekly Winnings

Next to the event NPC in each capital city will be two chests—an Excellent Party Chest, and a Legendary Party Chest. By completing one of the weekly challenges you’ll receive an Excellent Party Chest Key for that week. If you complete all four weekly challenges during the event you’ll earn 1 Legendary Party Chest Key. These of course open their respective chests, and unleash the riches inside them.

Each chest has the chance to provide some currency (Service Tokens/Gold/OmniBits); a consumable, pet, or décor piece from events earlier this year like Shade’s Eve, Winterfest, and the zPrix Invitational; as well as new anniversary items. The key difference between the Excellent Party Chest and the Legendary Party Chest is that while the Excellent Party Chest will give you some currency, an item from an event this year, and one Good or Excellent quality anniversary item, the Legendary Party Chest will give you some currency, an item from an event this year, an two anniversary items, which can also be of Superb or Legendary quality—which includes new cupcake décor, and the Rocket Rowsdower pet.

While you’ll certainly have a ton of fun just completing the challenges and getting keys for random rewards, you can also purchase additional Legendary Party Chest Keys from the In-Game Store. The In-Game Store will also offer the ability to purchase a Year 1 Anniversary Chest that contains a random chance at the goodies from last year’s anniversary celebrations, like the First Annual Anniversary Cupcake décor piece, and Anniverserowsdower pet.

Ultimate Warriors

For those completionists out there, there’s an additional achievement and reward if you manage to collect every new anniversary item available from the Excellent and/or Legendary Party Chests. You can track this is a separate achievement, and if completed you’ll be rewarded with what is sure to be a super rare Box o’ Fireworks décor set.


Thank you to everyone for another great year of WildStar, and we hope you enjoy the festivities. See you on Nexus!

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