Introducing Protobucks!

Written by Team WildStar on May 13, 2016

The real-world-equivalent WildStar currency is changing with the introduction of Protobucks! In support of the upcoming launch on Steam, these brand new coins are patently etched with the likeness of the most currency-conscious entity in the galaxy—Phineas T. Rotostar—and serve as a Nexus-friendly alternative to NCoin.

Here’s how it works!

Coins & Bucks

Instead of purchasing NCoin from the In-Game Store (or upcoming Steam overlay) you’ll now purchase Protobucks, and any In-Game Store items you previously purchased with NCoin will be purchased with the new Protobucks instead. And that’s pretty much it! There’s a new name and new look, but Protobucks otherwise work exactly like NCoin did.

This change will occur with maintenance on May 18, and after that time you’ll be able to purchase Protobucks directly in-game, or change any NCoin you already have to Protobucks through a conversion system found on the WildStar In-Game Store.

Here’s what that conversion process looks like.

The conversion of NCoin to Protobucks is 1:1, and the cost of items on the In-Game Store will be the same as it was before (something that cost 10 NCoin before will cost 10 Protobucks after). But with our own WildStar-specific currency we’re also introducing bonus tiers to our bundle pricing, so you’ll get more Protobucks the more you purchase at a time.


Bundle Cost

NCoin Received

Protobucks Received
















One-Way Street

Be aware that converting NCoin to Protobucks is one-way! Protobucks are WildStar-only, and Protobucks cannot be purchased and converted to NCoin, or used in any other NCSOFT game. And if you choose to convert your NCoin to Protobucks you cannot convert them back. If you like you can keep them separate and have your NCoin for other NCSOFT games, and just purchase Protobucks directly for use in WildStar—you certainly have the option to maintain balances of both.

It’s also worth noting that this conversion process may at some point in the future go away, and after that point you’d need to purchase Protobucks directly instead of converting from NCoin. We’ll give plenty of heads up before that happens.

NCoin will continue to be used for the other NCSOFT games that already use it.

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