Make a Little Birdhouse on Your Soil

Written by Team WildStar on May 04, 2016

It's a Bird... House

Make your story infinite in this exceptional new home! Multiple remodeling options allow you to change the exterior appearance and customize this beautiful and ornate ornithological wonder. Who watches over you? This birdhouse!


Battle Armor Warpig

Ride into battle on a cybernetic beast! Its newly upgraded scanners help it pinpoint enemy locations, danger levels, and weaknesses—unfortunately it’s still just a pig, so it can’t communicate any of this info to you. Still, it’s reassuring to know that if it were to be hit by an errant cosmic evolution-ray and evolve into a man-warpig, not only would it be your new bestie, but would also be able to tell you what you had for lunch last week. Bonus!


V-Shirts to Get V-Excited About

These stylish new v-shirts are the talk of the intergalactic fashion world. Featuring a scooping neckline paired with a graphic-printed vest, they're available individually or in a bundle. These v-shirts not only show off your sense of fashion and the latest trends, but your brazen promotion of whatever’s been color-etched onto them.

V-shirts are available in the following designs:

  • Wrath of Science V-Shirt
  • Dominion Cross V-Shirt
  • Exiles Forever V-Shirt
  • Blazin' Bot V-Shirt
  • TfBtF V-Shirt (Tales from Beyond the Fringe!)


Timesaver Bundle

Save time with the Timesaver Bundle by increasing your rested XP, and then also gain extra XP in addition to the additional rested XP gains! The Timesaver Bundle includes the Flask of R&R and Flask of Experience, so use these flasks to get super XP increases. You can even combine them with a Signature membership for even superiorer-super XP gains!

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