Alpha Sanctum

Written by John Nguyen on September 17, 2015

Hi all! I’m John Nguyen, a game designer at Carbine, and I’m responsible for our newest single-player experience, the Alpha Sanctum. Alpha Sanctum serves as a prologue to the World Story and instances led by Drusera—a somewhat mysterious blue-robed woman, and creation of the Eldan—providing players new and old with a foundation for understanding the Eldan’s plan for Nexus. Let’s take a stroll through Alpha Sanctum and see what the Eldan have on display!

A Museum, Eldan-Style

An ancient museum created by the Eldan to honor their greatest achievements, the Alpha Sanctum also inspired Eldan scientists to strive for something even grander. Though created centuries ago, the sanctum is currently inhabited by the Pell, former servants of the Eldan, who have been driven mad by countless years of solitude. To say the least, the Pell take issue with your apparent intrusion.

In order to explore the sanctum’s exhibits—wherein you’ll learn about the mysterious Eldan Orders, their mastery of the Primal Powers, and key parts of the Eldan’s ultimate plans for Nexus—you’ll need to defeat its Pell custodians. Additionally, the nefarious Sanctum Curator wants your body for his newest exhibit, and he won’t take no for an answer!

Your Journey Begins at Level 15!

With the introduction of Alpha Sanctum, you’ll find that all of the Drusera instances have been re-leveled to deliver their content sooner, and at more regular intervals. We want to involve you in the World Story earlier so you know what your goals are from the get-go.

When you reach level 15, Juro Takigurian (of the Dominion) or Rhoda Wellspring (of the Exiles) will tap you for the investigation of a strange portal that’s appeared in your capital city. The portal’s surroundings are very special, and since you’ll be returning to this location throughout your adventures on Nexus, you’re sure to become quite familiar with them.

Please Exit Through the Gift Shop

The Drusera instances have updated loot as well, ensuring that you’ll gain even more profit from your exploits, and that said profit reflects the level adjustments mentioned above. If you manage to best the Sanctum Curator, you’ll get a souvenir to take home: a monument to the Eldan Orders! Place it on your housing plot to marvel at its magnificence, and pat yourself on the back—ya done good!

Whether you’re new to Nexus or are well-acquainted with Drusera and her story, the Alpha Sanctum has much to offer. We hope you enjoy exploring the planet’s mysteries, and look forward to showing more of what’s to come!

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