WildStar Spotlight: WildStar-Core

Written by WildStar-Core on August 28, 2015

We appreciate all of the wonderful work our community content creators do, and this week we’d like to highlight one of our fansites that is a constant resource for many players. 

Tell us a bit about what your fansite focuses on, and what it’s about?

WildStar-Core is a fansite that covers all aspects of WildStar. We aim to provide resources for new and experienced players. We provide in-depth coverage of all manner of systems, from Housing, to Amps, to Contracts—and the list continues to grow. Our news coverage started with just official news, but has spread to community events, dev tracker posts, and competitions. One of our more recent additions was a pet resource, where—with the help of the community—we had listed the way to obtain every pet in a matter of days. We are constantly evolving and changing to provide the most for the community.

Tell us about those who are contributors to your fansite. What do they do? How long have they been contributors?

Kal ‘Sylvan’ Holmes (me) - I founded the site and run it to this day. I design, build, and maintain the site itself, along with formatting content, building resources, and managing all the social media.

Toney ‘Kav’ Watkins - The second in command; he joined us in late 2013, and focuses mainly on community and news. Kav runs everything any time my life gets in the way, but his main focus is on community events, and keeping you all up to date with the latest info.

Daley ‘Linxy’ Johnson - Linxy works in the shadows, (much like how she plays) and curates content and keeps pushing us to a higher standard. She also oversees many posts as Editor. Linxy joined us in mid 2014, later took a break, and returned to us earlier this year.

Chris ‘Kelzam’ Wolfe - Our housing expert; he is also knowledgeable of many end-game systems due to playing (almost) every day since launch week. He produces many guides and in-depth write-ups about all aspects of the game. Kelzam joined us in November 2014 to write a Housing series.

We have had many other content creators in the past that have come and gone with the interest in the game and time available to them.  As the website is solely run in our free time people can’t always stick around as much as they’d like or simply don’t play the game anymore.  We are always cultivating new creators and frequently have articles of guest content to help the community members get their content to a larger audience.

When did you start your fansite, and what inspired you to start?

I started WildStar-Core way back in February of 2012, and launched officially on the 11th of April that year. A fansite was something I have wanted to run since I used to play World of Warcraft, taking inspiration from Thottbot and the likes, so it was always bound to happen. I loved the idea of being able to provide resources for an entire community to use, share, and be involved in. One day I heard WildStar being spoken about on a gaming vodcast, and it got my attention. After digging deeper into the core idea of the game and watching the race videos, I was in. I wanted to make a fansite for WildStar, and here we are today.


What is each contributors favorite race/class in WildStar, and why?

Sylvan: Spellslinger had my attention from day one due to it being the most unique healing class to play; it is by far my favourite. Aurin gets my race vote due to their lore, and it allowed me to make a little angry wolf Aurin. Sold.

Kav: I like the Mordesh based around their story and drive to survive against all the odds - despite their crazy huge hands. The stalker intrigues me because I always love the futuristic genre, and to me they are what I imagine as the cyber ninja assassin. Need I say more?

Linxy: As far as I am concerned, there is only one class in WildStar. The Stalker. Sneaky sneaky stabby stabby. My favourite race is Aurin, because I enjoy being completely adorable.

Kelzam: My favorite race and class are Aurin and Stalker. I can relate to the Aurin history and especially the male’s personality a lot, and their animations are fantastic. I love being a Stalker because of the fun utility and mobility, despite where their DPS is.

What sets your fansite apart from the rest?

We have a wide range of player experience and play styles ranging from beginner, to casual, to progression raider and more; and we have a committed, consistent team devoted to providing a central location for information from all facets of the game. As a whole we focus less on opinions and speculation, and more on providing thorough updates and content. On top of that we are continuously looking into ways to improve the site and move it forward by adding or removing features as needed.

Also, we actually collected some of Tony Rey's hair in a jar and made a little Aurin doll out of it to be our site mascot.


Free-to-Play is coming soon. What advice would you give to new or returning WildStar players?

I felt it best to consult the team for individual answers due to our very different playstyles.

Sylvan: There is no right way to play WildStar: spend all your time in housing, exploring, doing dungeons, contracts, making costumes, or levelling alts. There are a lot of options in WildStar to have fun.

Kav: This isn’t a franchise MMO. There is no story elsewhere for you to find on this game. Carbine has created a wonderful and compelling story while still keeping the game light hearted and willing to make fun of itself. Take your time and enjoy the zones you play through!

Daley: Learn through experimentation. Don't be afraid to poke around, and take your time. There are lots of things to be discovered in WildStar, it's not just a race to max level.

Kelzam: Never fret asking for help. WildStar emphasizes group and social play, and most people are understanding, or willing to help if you speak up.

Other than these wise words I would suggest checking our site to get you up to date on what’s coming when the game goes Free-to-Play.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face running a fansite? What do you enjoy most about running a fansite?

Time is the single biggest challenge while running a fansite, it eats up more time than you can imagine. I cannot thank my team enough for all the hard work that they do for no compensation—just out of passion for the WildStar community. Another challenge is simply getting all the information. It can be spread over many sources, from social media to gaming press sites. Collating it all ASAP for the community is a challenge.
Without a doubt the community makes running a fansite worth it. The warm reception to our articles and guides, the gratefulness shown for all we do—the WildStar community is the best MMO community I have been a part of, and I hope Free-to-Play continues to expand it.

What are some of your greatest achievements as a site?

When we were a very new site I had the chance to meet Jeremy Gaffney way back in 2012, to talk all about WildStar. I transcribed the entire thing, some 12 thousand words, and put it up on the site. It was hugely well-received when information was so sparse early on.

At our peak we were hitting over 100K unique views a month on the site. Compared to when I started this, I was amazed at even having five Twitter followers.

A number of our guides and articles have been featured by gaming press sites to which we never even realised knew we existed. On top of that, Carbines’ support has been incredible by featuring our content, helping spread the word, and providing giveaway prizes!

While not an ‘achievement’ so to speak, when I lost my puppy to cancer at only four years old, Carbine reached out to me and wanted to do something for me. You can now find my puppy ‘Mischief’ sleeping peacefully in the Arborian Gardens in Thayd. It was an incredibly touching gesture and only made me love the game even more.

If you could envision your fansite in five years, where would it be?

In five years I would see us as the number one WildStar resource; the site that everyone uses as their companion to playing the game,with far more resources and even more content than we put out today. I am more than impressed with how the site has grown, but I hope to do more for the community over the following months and years. 

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