Deep Dive: Discoveries

Written by Kristen “Caydiem” DeMeza on August 17, 2015

Hello everyone! I’m Kristen “Caydiem” DeMeza, Senior Game Designer, and today I’m here to talk to you about a little feature we're expanding and improving for WildStar Free-to-Play: Discoveries!

You’ve probably seen them around the world while you were leveling: cracked ground glowing with golden light. But what purpose do they serve? Previously, once clicked, they provided a small buff, a loot box with a couple items for your level, or possibly a fun little event. However, they were uncommon, and the chances of you finding one were unlikely.

We decided to simplify Discoveries and give them more reliable value to our players just in time for Closed Beta. You can see them on the Public Test Realm right now!

Age of Discoveries

When looking at improvements to make for the upcoming transition to Free-to-Play, we felt we needed to give players more points of discovery during their experience in the world. Places where they could have a cool experience, but which still drove the action forward. Sure, there are times when we introduce you to new features or give you a fun payoff for finishing a quest episode, but we wanted something more—something that could happen outside that set cadence.

More points of discovery? The solution ultimately seemed obvious: Discoveries were the answer! We immediately increased the number of Discoveries out in the world, and added more reasons for you to hunt them down.

Discover What Now?

As before, Discoveries grant a random reward, but we're stepping up our game on these bonuses. Eldan Matrices are the most common result of revealing a Discovery: automated stations that grant various buffs. But now they give much more substantial bonuses. For instance, revealing a Discovery could give you an effect that increases your Assault and Support Power by 15%, or gives you a healthy regenerative boost. Best of all these stations hang around for a few minutes, so you and your friends can grab the buff again if you need a refresh. Discoveries are designed to mix things up in the leveling experience and keep you searching for the next one.

If gameplay boosts aren't motivation enough to chase down Discoveries, how about some exclusive companion pets?

Starting at level 6, each zone in the game will feature a unique pet that can only be found through Discoveries. Ever want a Red Garr, a Purple Ravenok, or a Strain-Corrupted Chompacabra? You can find them hiding in a Discovery! Only the most dedicated of pet lovers will collect them all.

Discover New Looks

Good-looking pets demand good-looking pet owners, so we added nine costumes you can find via Discoveries. Want to dress like a Bloodfire Draken or sport a classy space helmet? How about a full hazmat suit or a pair of sporty goggles? Citizens of Nexus, engage your style engines!

With all these fun new additions, you should leave no Discoveries unexplored.

Let us know your thoughts on the various Discoveries, and please share your finds on the forums in this feedback thread.

You can see this and other juicy tidbits in the Free-to-Play WildStar Closed Beta, currently running on the Public Test Realm. Also, check out our Combat Stat Revamp Deep Dive, and stay tuned on all of our social channels for continuous updates.

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