WildStar Naming Guide – Part Two: From Artemis to Zax (and Everything in Between!)

Written by Team WildStar on October 10, 2014

In the first part of our WildStar Naming Guide, we gave you a comprehensive collection of guidelines for naming your Exile characters in preparation for our upcoming Megaservers!

If you missed it and need to think of a new name for your Aurin Stalker, “Bunnystabsalot” then you can read the first part here.

We didn’t want the Dominion to be left out in the cold though, so below is the second part of our WildStar Naming Guide; From Artemis to Zax (and Everything in Between!).


High Born Cassians have first names inspired by the Eldan and the Luminai, with surnames that date back to old Cassian nobility. They are distinctly different from Exile names.

Cassian highborns have a first name and a surname inherited from their parents (usually on the father's side). Their first names often have similar root words differentiated with typical Latinate masculine or feminine suffixes - Dominus for males and Domina for females, for example (in addition, it is not uncommon for highborns to give their children the names of emperors).

Cassian lowborns have a first name and a surname inherited from their parents (usually on the father's side). Their first names tend to be closer to standard English names, much like the Exiles. Also like Exiles, lowborn Cassians tend not to have Latin- or Greek-derived surnames (though there may be a few exceptions), but unlike Exiles their English-language surnames tend to be comprised of a single noun, adjective, or common English surname. These names are often descriptive of the lowborn's occupation, or the occupation of an ancestor. They are also more likely to be identified by their job than their first name.

Examples: (Male Highborn) Callus Victos, Prefect Titus , Parrec Andreus
Examples: (Female Highborn) Lady Sellea, Duana Nellus, Valeria Pyrius

Examples: (Male Lowborn) Tomus Bell, Farmer Bellows ,Edwerd Stone
Examples: (Female Lowborn) Claudia Brown, Matron Strands, Flyer Bright

Chua names tend to be nonsensical and playful in sound. First names are usually two syllables, and family surnames usually possess 1-2 syllables. Alliteration is common.

Chua names should sound slightly amusing or funny, but this quality can be subjective. Good Chua names are not over the top, but not dull, either. For example, Tanri Sen is too tame. Tangino Sazzy is too much. Tango Sazz is just right. Since Chua do not generally identify by gender - they can tell the difference, and don't care whether non-Chua can - there is little to no variation for males or females unless the individual Chua cares to make a statement.

Like many other races, there are also cultural roles that could function as first names such as; "Inventor", "Technician", or even something more senior like "Overseer".

Examples: (Chua) Forsric Frum, Bao Bonti, Overseer Orgil, Inventor Gazz, Sherri Shams

Draken use a primary name, which tends to be two syllables or more and usually consist of a combination of hard consonant sounds and long vowels. These names are derived from the ancient Draken language, and each one has a rich history. Young Draken are often expected to live up to their names, and many take great pride in the legends behind their monikers.

Since joining the Dominion, Draken generally translate their clan names into ordinary (English) compound words. Those clan names are in turn applied to the village belonging to that clan. Clan names are usually formed of a compound word evoking Draken themes--blood, the hunt, war, strife, and flames. As surnames, Draken either use their clan name - such as "Bloodfire" - or, like the Granok, use a descriptive honorific related to a great deed or accomplishment, such as "Beastbreaker" or "Warbringer."

The Draken also have a number of interesting and unique roles within their culture that could be used as a first name such as: "Huntress", "Firewalker", "Bloodshaman" etc.

Examples: (Male) Dakaar Bloodfire, Mikaas Beastbreaker , Firewalker Akilos
Examples: (Female) Huntress Vezza, Kinari Sunstorm, Kezzia Furystrike

Mechari first names, like Cassian highborn names, often have Latin- and Greek-derived roots, sometimes with a technological bent. Terms derived from conversational English--"bug" or "browser" for example--should be avoided, as should any variation of "bot" or "robot." Altering the spelling of a technical term or adding a syllable of jargon to an ordinary English name is a good, quick way to generate a Mechari moniker. Other scientific terms pulled from such diverse sources as dinosaurs, diseases, physics, or even chemical compounds can easily be broken down into their component syllables to create fodder for Mechari first names.

Mechari surnames, on the other hand, are derived from the specific fabrication section of the Foundry in which they were created, therefore the first half of a Mechari surname will be either literally or close to a Latin number (written out, like Kilo-, Duo,- or Trio-) or a Greek letter (such Alpha- or Gamma-) followed by a “tech-y” suffix such as -tron or -vex. Mechari consider the suffix "-bot" offensive.

If a Mechari does not chose to use a surname, he or she may make use of cultural roles, such as "Agent", "Enforcer/Equalizer" or "Cycler" as a first name.

Examples: (Male) Agent Lex, Cyphex Quadratron, Telax Septatec
Examples: (Female) Cycler Alvac, Vizia Gigavox, Phrydia Duonix


So there you have it, straight from the Narrative Team’s collective brain - everything you need to choose a suitable name for your character. And if all that sounds like too much work, we're also adding a new random name generator based on these very rules.

Yep, picking a second name - or a whole new one - couldn't be easier. So don't fear the naming challenge, WildStar fans. Embrace it. And if you're especially proud of your new moniker, be sure to let us know via the forums or your favourite social network!

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