WildStar Naming Guide – Part One: From Artemis to Zax (and Everything in Between!)

Written by Team WildStar on October 08, 2014

Megaservers are coming!

For many, this will be a time of Guild Recruitment, taking on elite challenges, battling Raid bosses and searching for fabled, ancient treasures. But many will face a greater challenge… thinking of a second name for their characters!

Once megaservers arrive, every player must choose a second name upon logging in for the first time. You'll also get the chance to change your existing name for free. So if you were once "Legolopp" you could become "Captain Legolopp," "Legolopp Bubbleworth," "Brick Loppington," "Lopportunity Gnox," or... well, you get the idea.

Everyone takes pride in their name, but roleplayers and lore hounds may want something a bit more fitting for the WildStar universe. That’s why we sat down with Chad "Pappy" Moore, master of all things Lore, and his Narrative Team to put together a brief naming guide for all the races in WildStar.

In this article, we’ll be covering Exile names. But don’t worry Dominion players, we’ll follow this up with a guide for all your capricious Cassians, carnage-causing Chua, destructive Draken and menacing Mechari very soon!


Aurin first names are usually made up of two or more syllables and tend to have soft consonants. Family names consist of one word made up of two nouns—where one of the two nouns has something to do with nature and are handed down through family lines. Descendants and ancestors frequently share the same name. (Aurin are matriarchal, so the surname passes through the female side).

Aurin family surnames, like human Exile names, are usually composed of two English words. These family names are often derived from myths and stories with some historic or ancestral meaning to the family—the royal Everstar line, for example, was said to have originated with an ancient matria who, while lost in the forest, followed a single star on a cloudy night until she found her way home.

In addition, Aurin cultural roles can make good first names and include options like "Tender", "Watcher", "Consort" or "Matria".

Examples: (Male) Nerynn Sungrass, Tevyr Mirthroot, Arell Redleaf
Examples: (Female) Myala Everstar, Darsa Windwalk, Shanni Stemsong


Granok use a single first name, often taken from a grandparent (naming one's child after one's self is unheard of in Granok society, but honoring a grandparent in this way is very common). The name is usually one or two syllables, but occasionally reaches three syllables. They tend to use hard consonants, with lots of G’s, K’s and X’s in their first names. Granok also use X instead of KS (for example Gnox instead of Gnoks).

Granok do not use traditional family surnames. Instead, many opt for a nickname or honorific, usually earned in early adulthood. This could be related to a particular deed, or professional, or just personal demeanour. Others simply take on their occupation as a default "first name," like the famous Brewmaster Krull.

Examples: (Male) Durek Stonebreaker, Kerrus Tenstone, Brewmaster Krull
Examples: (Female) Jeska Vaultstorm, Voska Blastright, Kall Boulderbuster


Exile human first names are generally variants of recognizable English-language names with altered spelling. For example, Jeck instead of Jack, and Karyn instead of Karen etc.

Most Exile human surnames, however, are composed in the classic lowborn Cassian style now abandoned by the humans of the Dominion. They primarily use English words or compound words for their last names ("Stone," "Walker," "Brightland," etc.)

Examples: (Male) Dal Vestrand, Karl Starbreak, Collen Cloudward
Examples: (Female) Karyn Farhand, Shalli Greenfall, Donla Stone


Mordesh first and last names derive from the ancient Mordesh language, which is heavily influenced by Eastern European languages.

Mordesh family names are ancient and illustrious, while their first names--like the names of Cassians--are often passed down from generation to generation. The Mordesh often end both male and female first names with vowels, though the -a ending is more common among females, as in Inga and Varia and -o and -i are more common among males, as in Lazlo and Uri.

Many Mordesh use a title related to their field of scientific or intelligence expertise, and may prefer using it in place of a first name in many cases - a Mordesh doctor named Ilich Pavarin might prefer to go by Doctor Pavarin, for example. Other titles could be; "Viralist", "Alchemist", "Nurse", "Professor" etc.

Examples: (Male) Victor Lazarin, Lazlo Borovic, Agent Vedescu
Examples: (Female) Irina Anagaroff, Professor Karavicz, Olga Vososh


And that concludes Part One of our WildStar Naming Guide. Everything you need for a suitable, in-universe, name for your Exile character!

But if you’re not the creative type, fear not! We’ll also be introducing a random name generator based on the very rules we’ve described above, so an awesome character name will be at the click of a button!

Make sure to share your new pseudonym with us via the forums, or the social network of your choice. We’d love to hear some of the crazy names we can expect to see in-game very soon!

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