The Mechari are a brilliant race of mechanical beings created by the Eldan. Originally constructed to interface with other civilizations in the galaxy, the Mechari have instead become the brilliant architects of Dominion civilization, guiding it to success in the centuries since the Eldan's mysterious disappearance. Cold, cruel, and calculating, the Mechari work tirelessly to ensure the continued dominance of the Dominion by directing its intelligence-gathering operations—strategically eliminating the dissidents, spies and traitors who threaten to bring about its demise.

LORE NOTE: There are two distinct classifications of Mechari: the first generation that directly served the Eldan—known as the Millennials—and the second generation of Mechari activated in the Foundry that orbits planet Cassus (all Mechari player characters are part of this second wave).



Mechari first names have technological roots, while their surnames are derived from the specific fabrication section of the Foundry in which they were created.

Examples: Aramech, Zox Duotec, Cyphon Centivox, Vizix Gammatron, Dinachron Gigahelix, Oscia


Mechari speak in a deep, ominous and slightly mechanical tone. Their speech and intonation should generally convey the sense that they are critically analyzing every situation, looking for weakness, vulnerability, or treachery.

Personality Profile

Callous and uncompromising, Mechari are notorious for making brutal, bloodthirsty decisions without the slightest hint of regret or emotion. They critically analyze every situation, constantly searching for any threat to the empire—whether from without, or from within. When treachery is revealed, Mechari justice is swift and merciless.


Mechari want nothing more than to ensure the eternal survival of the Dominion. Many Mechari also hope to one day be reunited with their Eldan creators. It is uncertain if these desires are hard-wired into the Mechari, or if they can somehow be broken. Regardless, there has never been a single instance of a Mechari betraying either the Eldan or the Dominion.


So long as they can avoid critical damage to their soul-cores, Mechari are more or less immortal. They can be physically deactivated, but are only truly killed when their soul-core crystal is destroyed.


Physical Appearance

Mechari bodies reflect elegant Eldan design. Each Mechari possesses a sentient soul-core of crystalline exanite—a priceless substance found only on Nexus—which contains a Mechari's life force and consciousness. Their bodies are detailed depending on their specific function and place of manufacture, though some Mechari have been known to change their appearance to make such distinctions less obvious.


Mechari bodies, as mechanical constructs, possess no physiology to speak of. Unlike other constructs, a Mechari's consciousness is contained within a soul-core of crystalline exanite. The soul-core, while inorganic, is perhaps the closest thing to a biological system that a Mechari possesses. The exanite crystal contains millions upon millions of intricate layers, and no two layers are alike.

The specific properties of this crystalline exanite are what make Mechari consciousness possible—the rare crystal embodies equal parts of the base elemental powers (air, earth, fire, and water) and the forces that bind them (life and logic). Without this core, Mechari cannot function. Not only does it house their consciousness, but it allows them to experience physical sensations such as pain and pleasure. So long as a Mechari head lacks a body, it remains helpless.

In this way, Mechari develop unique personalities, memories, feelings, desires, and opinions. They are also able to learn new skills in addition to the initial programming they receive in the Foundry. Mechari emotions and empathy are somewhat stunted at the time of their creation, leading to their callous and brutal reputation as a species. Much like other organic beings, they are known to dream during sleep, though the nature of these dreams is up for debate among non-Mechari.

To ensure that Mechari would never have to worry about power generation, the Eldan designed them to consume food and drink like other organic beings. Technically, the Mechari are able to extract trace amounts of primal energy from the materials that they ingest—which in turn is used to fuel their mechanisms. A humorous side effect of this design is that Mechari can actually get drunk.


The Millennial Mechari were created by the Eldan, so their homeworld is planet Nexus. Most other Mechari come from the Foundry in orbit around Cassus.


For thousands of years the Mechari served to communicate the will of their masters to the other races in the galaxy, while simultaneously acting as their eyes and ears. They were also instrumental in establishing the Dominion, supporting and advising the first emperor Dominus the Half-Blood as he began his reign on planet Cassus. In addition to aiding the Cassian humans, the Mechari were also instrumental in uplifting the Chua and locating the Draken homeworld of Mikros.

In the wake of the Eldan's sudden disappearance, the Mechari were left with the responsibility of maintaining the empire without the Eldan's direct advisement. They shepherded the Dominion's evolution, participating in nearly every aspect of the empire's evolution in an attempt to ensure long-term stability. The Mechari also played a large part in the formation of the Vigilant Church, using their knowledge of the Eldan to establish both doctrine and hierarchy. As such, they are considered important members of Dominion society, both integral to it and apart from it.

With the discovery of planet Nexus, the Mechari hope to witness the glorious return of the Dominion to the lost world of its progenitors—and will stop at nothing to ensure that the empire reigns supreme upon the planet.

Mechari banner


The Mechari do not engage in traditional forms of heavy industry, leaving such things to the Chua who are much more skilled and efficient at such things. Their predominant service to the empire is directing the Imperial Corps of Intelligence (ICI).


Mechari Initiates revere the Eldan who created them, and find common ground with the Vigilants in their core beliefs. They can be often be found at religious services. Newly awakened Mechari have varying degrees of faith, but many of them are upstanding members of the church.


Mechari communities are known as junctions—although they are less communities than they are outposts for observation and an intelligence gathering. Most junctions contain an infocolumn—a large, pillar-like structure that serves as repository for local surveillance data.

All Mechari junctions are led by an Axis, who defines and directs any intelligence operations for the junction. The Axis is usually supported by a number of enforcer-like Equalizers. In many cases, there are also a number of ICI agents who are associated with the junction, and report there from time to time.



Mechari feel that human passion and ambition can be dangerously volatile—but also understand that it strengthens the empire when channeled correctly.


Mechari serve the Luminai without question, understanding fully their importance to the stability of the empire—but they keep a close eye on their often tumultuous and hedonistic proclivities.


The Mechari feel that the Chua can be unpredictable, but highly value their vindictiveness—a trait they put to good use when they employ Chua agents in the ICI.


The Mechari have the utmost respect for Draken ferocity, understanding fully the fear they incite among the enemies of the empire.

Exile Humans

The Mechari have a special hatred for the Exile humans, whose short-sighted ancestors dishonored the Dominion by refusing to acknowledge the superiority and power of the Luminai.


The Mechari view the Aurin as interloping vermin whose idealistic views about the preservation of nature are misguided at best and dangerous at worst. Their complete extermination seems the most logical course of action.


The Mechari consider the Granok an extremely dangerous race that poses a serious threat to the Dominion's efforts to control Nexus.


The Mordesh have brought a deadly disease to Nexus, risking all life on this sacred world with the Contagion. The Mechari seek nothing less than their extermination.


Mechari consider the Dominion as one of the Eldan's greatest creations, and have worked tirelessly to ensure its continued success.

Mechari pod


Mechari don't generally use nicknames to refer to other species (the Granok are exceptions). Many other terms commonly used by and related to the Mechari include:


Agent or spy working for the ICI in official parlance.


A Mechari in charge of a given operation (and associated junction, if any).


Used as an all-purpose form of address for civilian Cassians, Chua, and Draken. Though Mechari and Luminai are also citizens, Mechari are generally identified by name and Luminai by title or rank.


Mechari who serve as security for a junction and often serve a dual purpose as assassins on wetworks ops.


Mechari spies (or technically any agent working for the ICI.) in common parlance.


The centerpiece of the junction is a data hub with nearly infinite storage capacity, the infocolumn also helps the axis manage communication with outsiders.


The new generation of recently awakened Mechari discovered in the orbiting Foundry over Nexus. Though they have far less experience than the Millennials, they are still the same mechanical species.


A Mechari "community" dedicated to a particular purpose. Currently, that purpose is almost always intelligence operations.


The first generation of Mechari who have served the Luminai and the Dominion since its founding. Though technically servants of the Luminai, in many ways they have run the day-to-day operations of the empire for nearly two thousand years.


Observational Protocol, or surveillance. Not to be confused with "op" or "ops".


Short for "operation." Almost any short-term intelligence activity aimed at achieving a particular goal is an "op".


A non-mechanical being. Considered somewhat disrespectful, so is usually only used when referring to non- mechanical *enemy* beings, especially Exile humans.


The Mechari's "exanite brain"—the crystalline object that forms the center of a Mechari's head. These soul-cores may be transferred to other bodies by trained technicians.