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He's making a list! He's having his salesbots check it twice. He's going to find out who's solvent and who deserves a new high-rate Protostar credit chip with a surprisingly reasonable credit limit. He's "Papa" Phineas T. Rotostar, and he's here to welcome you to the most magical and profitable of seasons—a time for everyone's favorite corporate-sponsored, consumer-driven, marketing-enabled celebration of buying, giving, buying, receiving, and buying. Yes, it's Protostar's Gala Winterfest Extravaganza (or "Winterfest" for short)! So be sure to spend YOUR holiday savings at Protostar's Supermall-in-the-Sky

- and tell them Papa Phineas sent you!

Salesclones Are Standing By

If Winterfest is about one thing, it's family. And fun. And gifts! And families who have fun buying gifts for each other, or themselves, or whoever, so long as they're buying things from the Protostar Corporation... for money! That's why you'll find amazing deals on exclusive holiday items in the In-Game Store and with special holiday vendors.

Bring Money

You can purchase many Winterfest items with ColdCash, a Protostar-designed, seasonally appropriate currency you'll earn by engaging in activities and completing quests and challenges. And if you need more ColdCash you can earn even more by using the Flask of Festivity. It's festively profitable!

Snowy Roller

Bring the holidays with you wherever you go in the Orbitron SnowSphere! This near-indestructible wintry microcosm is filled with non-toxic snow-like flakes that are allegedly (if not legally) edible. But seriously, don't eat the snowflakes. Or get them near open flame. Or look at them in a way that could be interpreted as threatening.

Suit Up

Dress like the CEO of Holiday Fun himself, Papa Phineas, with this stylish Papa Phineas costume! Strut around a Winterfest-wonderland with an extra-plush smoking jacket, clone-strength comfort leggings, and an officially official Winterfest WinterFez! It's a deal so hot, it's cool!

Kitsch and Kin

Running out of room to stack up the relatives this Winterfest? Consider the gift of extra housing space with the factory-built, clone-tested Protostar Mini-House. And once you've installed it, demand that they invite you over for snacks and libations! It’s the gift you can give yourself.



The centerpiece of Winterfest is the majestic, duty-free, and gravity-defying Protostar SuperMall-in-the-Sky! Here you can go to engage in a shopping frenzy the likes of which Nexus has never seen. Take on the most dizzying shopping spree in the galaxy with randomized challenges, fast-paced bargain hunts, and never-before-seen deals. Every time you visit the SuperMall-in-the-Sky will be a different randomized experience.


Public Events

Gather in the city’s gardens to participate in the Snowtron Smash—Protostar's latest wintry challenge! But before you can zip around in Protostar's patent-pending Snowtron 3000, you'll first have to manage to get into one. How? Easy! Toss snowballs at other people in Snowtrons to unseat then and take their rides for yourself. Then use your unique dodging and freezing abilities to fend off the unwashed masses of non-Snowtron piloting assailants. It’s not about being selfish (mostly), it's about the sweet, sweet rewards you’ll get from this skill-based game.

Winterfest Holi-Dailies

Moisten Those Vocal Chords

Extensive market research has proven that consumers are more likely to make holiday purchases when encouraged to do so by omnipresent musical accompaniment. Join in the profitable fun by "caroling" with traditional advertising jingles door-to-door! "Pro-pro-pro-pro-pro, Pro-pro-to-staaaaaaar..."

Winterfest Holi-Dailies

Keeping it 100

What's the true meaning of Winterfest? CONSUMERISM! What's the true meaning of consumerism? Buying things! What things? Protostar things! Teach those who would try to add deep spiritual meaning to this time of year what Winterfest is really all about... for money!

Winterfest Holi-Dailies

Manufactured Joy

It's not Winterfest without the custom-designed appearance of a winter setting, no matter the actual weather. Repair the stalled snowblowers over the city before the Protostar-brand Insta-Snow melts and devastates the localized economic micro-climate!

Winterfest Holi-Dailies

Loss Prevention

Protostar's Winterfest merchandise is priced to move - and that merchandise isn't waiting around to get started! Gather up all that errant merchandise before profit margins start sliding into a pool of decidedly un-festive red ink.

Winterfest Holi-Dailies

Feigned Philanthropy

Nothing sells seasonal products like the appearance of seasonal kindness, whether you mean it or not! Improve the reputation of Winterfest and public perception of Protostar's corporate conscience by doing nice things for others and providing joy-filled gifts to the disadvantaged denizens of Nexus. There's cheer-spreading to do!

Walk in a

winterfest wonderland

Exile, Dominion, Marauders, Lopp, even those rascally Krogg of the Darkspur Cartel are decorating their homes, towns, spaceports, and— most importantly— the capital cities of each faction. Best of all, Protostar Housing Initiative customers are encouraged to decorate their housing plots with the finest in Winterfest holiday decor to match. Meet certain Protostar-approved housing goals and earn even more holiday rewards!


is Commensurate to Caring

Yes, it may be a corporate-created, profit-driven, consumerism-celebrating holiday designed to fill the coffers of the Protostar Corporation for another year, but it's also a time for families, friends, acquaintances, and frenemies to trim the conical display shelves, tie festive sales ribbons on every lamp post, and share the joys of the season in the loudest and most gaudy ways possible.

So log in by January 1 to experience the most FUN-derful time of the year!

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