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"Jack Shade's comin' Sure as death To lay you down And steal your breath

Put on your mask Hide with care And pray the Angel Finds you there

Salvation's near We'll carry on But first survive Until the dawn"

- ancient Cassian verse

Gather ‘round everyone,Shade’s Eve is here,

to fill your dreary lives with joy and good cheer! Or maybe it’ll turn dreary to scared and afraid, as the festivities sour with the tale of Jack Shade. A menacing figure of allegorous ancestry—less about jump-scares and more about chemistry. Thought to have begun as a space-faring germ (with symptoms that’d make even ol’ Mondo Zax squirm) when a lone child emerged with apparent immunity, and created a vaccine for their entire community.

Over the years the story did change, the vaccine now an Angel and virus something more strange: a towering figure with teeth all askew, a hat that’s too tall and veins full of goo, and giant skeleton hands all the better for maiming (you can probably guess who we’re getting close to naming). That’s right all you children, your nightmares are true! Jack Shade is finally here, and he’s come here for you.

Quiet Downs

Quiet Downs is an Expedition unlike most, a town full of people all too happy to host. But things aren’t always as they first seem, these proprietors really enjoy a good scream. There’s probably no reason to bring your guns or your steel, because no full grown adult believes Jack Shade could be real. But if you’re scared you can of course bring a group—up to five people can be in your troupe. Keep your wits about you in these hallowed grounds, and just try to stay alive in Quiet Downs.

Capital Cities

Wander into our vision of nightmares and frights, of cobwebs and costumes and ghoulish-goodnights. We’ve gone to great lengths to ward off the plague, and pay homage to this holiday—although it’s all a bit vague. Are we celebrating or honoring, in quiet remembrance or acting joyous? Ah well, no matter, come to the cities and join us! Gaze upon on our great gourds in Illium and Thayd, and indulge in some superstition on this eve of Jack Shade.

Housing Décor

Even your home isn’t safe from the celebration of Shade’s Eve, there are all sorts of inspiring decorations to achieve. From pumpkins to lanterns and masks in-between, and overzealous cobwebs that show you don’t clean. Invite in your friends or leave your door unlocked, with this Shade’s Eve décor your visitors will be pleasantly shocked.


Content and décor—the event’s just begun—we know that rewards hold all the real fun. Shade Silver is the currency used for the event—items and costumes are yours once you’ve spent. Dress up like the Angel or Jack Shade himself, and then the rest of the year please leave the outfits on your shelf. For only during these most sacred of days– Alright, you know what? The stuff you bought stays! So what if you want to look weird all the year round, there are plenty of weirdos out there: intergalactically renowned! So hold your head high and show off your gourds… er, we mean the orange ones! Put down your swords!

Outdoor Content

Deep in the cities, the party’s begun, with quests that keep Shade’s Eve lighthearted and fun. Egg all the hooligans! Banish the haunts! Scare all the townsfolk with spiders and taunts! Travel the path of the Angel’s demise, and learn how the legend of Jack Shade took rise. Visit some houses to add to the mix, with candy to gather instead of lame tricks. And just when you think you’ve completed your day, the Shadelings invade; try to keep them at bay!

Enjoyfrom October 19 to November 2

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