Mystery of The Genesis Prime

Into the Defile!


Introducing a gruesome new zone, The Defile, a vast new sprawl of acreage for you to explore!
A monumental new boss, The Dreadwatcher, awaits you! An all-new public event, The Dread Traverse, that culminates in the most pivotal reveal in the history of world stories!
Scale the Lightspire! Blind the Black Focus! Rekill a pesky Phagelord! And loot stuff!

Dead or alive, you or your corpse will concur that The Defile is the beginning of the end... of the beginning. Prepare yourself for The Nexus Saga... This world’s story is all about you.
Well, parts of you. Kinda.

The Black Focus


Hideous new armies of Strain abominations boil from this puckered miasma like maggots of doom, intent on spreading their taint across all Nexus. Will you be able to shut down the Black Focus or end up being ground down?

Phagelord Koral

This Defiler’s About to Get Nailed!

The crazed Phagelord known as Koral the Defiler has co-opted a Primal Focus and corrupted a whole array of Eldan terraformers for his nefarious misuses, reducing the surrounding region to a toxic wasteland. Koral himself guards the cyclopean gearworks at its hub. He probably won’t cotton much to your taking out his favorite gadget, but maybe you can change his mind…into roadkill!

The Dread Traverse

A New 20-Player Public Mega-Event of Bone-Crunching Proportions!

A blighted valley of decay, death, destruction, and, uh, dirt, every last acre completely assimilated by the Strain in its relentless efforts to breach the Lightspire’s defenses. All dominated by the Dreadwatcher, who, along with his nefarious entourage of Archfiend generals and immense living Grimworm artillery, intends to spread his vile corruption across the entire planet like a dark stain.


Siege of the Lightspire!

COORDINATE bombing runs to defy terrifying Grimworms!
SCRAMBLE your enemy’s plans sunny side YUP by cracking Strain eggs.
TAKE ON the Dreadwatcher’s quartet of Archfiend Generals!
BLOW UP the Dreadwatcher’s bridge with exanite cardiac arrestors!
THEN POUND the diabolical Dreadwatcher himself a new one!


Make This Dreadwatcher Dread on Arrival!

You’ve ruined his bridge and ventilated his Archfiends, now get ready to take on the big kahuna himself: the Dreadwatcher! Will you and your merry crew put this lookyloo’s lights out for good or end up as 20 perfectly synchronized corpses?


A Bridge Too Charred!

You’ve conquered the Dreadwatcher and all the worst he can throw at you. Now cross the exanite chasm and enter the Lightspire itself to learn the stunning truth of the Genesis Prime and other stuff!


Here’s looting at you!

Stripping the dead has literally never been more exciting!

With bronze, silver, and gold medal reward tiers for you to master, it would take you decades to collect it all, but imagine your grandchildren’s faces when you open the closet and it all crushes you to death! Who’s the boss now?

The Lightspire

A towering prison for the Gods!

Deep in the pulsing heart of the Grimvault, a massive minaret towers above endless plains of barren ash. At its pinnacle await the answers to the mysteries of planet Nexus. Getting there won’t be easy, but cakewalks are for bakers and pedestrians! It’s time to turn these Strain minions into Strain mignòn!



Delve deeper into the episodic story of Nexus!

After the skull-shattering revelations in the Lightspire, you’ll be thrust into:
The Nexus Saga – an epic, multi-part story designed specifically for solo players! There you and your fellow peril junkies, will be joined by the most famous heroes of both the Dominion and Exiles and rushed headlong through the most epic locations on Nexus in a last-ditch attempt to save the universe!
Featuring: pivotal cinematics, memorable characters, branching content, and unique gameplay mechanics, the Nexus Saga will be the last word in sci-fi adventuromedy for ages 1 to 1001!

The OMNICore awaits…

As the power of the Entity rises, Drusera will ask you to fix the shattered neural core of the Caretaker in order to access the deepest secrets of the Nexus Project. In order to achieve this, you will travel into the depths of OMNICore-1, an advanced Eldan computer where the Caretaker’s neural core is located. Unfortunately, OMNICore-1 is being guarded by Avatus – a sociopathic facet of the Caretaker’s shattered personality. Will you survive the dangers of OMNICore-1? Or will you be painfully eradicated by Avatus along the way?

Explore the mind of The Caretaker


Improve on Nature’s Masterpiece: the Skull!

Saving the universe may be its own reward in lesser games, but we believe you deserve more! Presenting the ultimate in cranial fashion: the Malgrave Sandwrap

Strut the sands of Nexus like Lawrence of Arboria and savor the admiration of passersby and fashion-conscious predators alike! With headgear this majestic, your elegance will make the very stars explode!