WSUplink: Did the Race reveal change your allegiance?

Written by Team WildStar on August 16, 2013

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Faction switch

aloneorc:  Actually, it did. I was a Dominion supporter through-and-through, but the Mordesh are just too cool to pass up!

MaaZeGM:  Yes, cause of these little, cute, monstrous beasts I am switching to the Dominion, which I hated for their ignorance

Braynerpeguero: I wanted exile at first but the Chua brought me to the dark side now.

Karlvatron:   I was totally for the Exiles before! But how can I resist a psychopathic rodent that makes kick ass guns?!

Flea_ip: I was headed for a Cassian 'slinger, because no other race really "tickled my fancy." Then came the Mordesh...

CallMeNevahwins: I wasn't sure which side to choose before the race reveal, but the Mordesh got me going with the Exiles!

Hackn3y: Well I was leaning towards Exiles, now you show me badass mini furball race, I just fell over.

WizardeeLam: Yes, I originally wanted to play a giant robot killing machine, but now I'm thinking space zombie =D

TheHenryCraik:  I was gonna go Draken but my buddy wanted to go Granok so we were torn between the two but since Chua anncounced we are Dominon

Juanrinaytor: It did. I was going Draken Dominion. Now I'm definetely without a doubt going Mordesh Exile. Really loved the race.

ArbX_NMs: Was gonna go Aurin, Until Chua got announced #Dominion


Race switch

Tacomagamefan: Changed my race to Mordesh but not my Exile allegiance because the Dominion are cocky, annoying, good for nothin' heathens.

Atomics1911: No faction change, but a race change, yup. Step 1) Furry maniacal gun toting lunatic. Step 2) ???? Step 3) Profit.

Greggoryyyy: I had been planning on doing both #Exile and #Dominion but it certainly has changed my racial plans. EVIL CUTENESS!


The undecided

ManualDrip: I'm torn between Exiles and Dominion now, I like the Chua, but prefer Exile lore, though once we see more male Aurin, I'll decide!

Thepandason: Reveals didn't help! Are you able to obtain a housing model for a different race? e.g. Granok in an Aurin house?

SoberZero: I may actually switch. I almost always exclusively play the "good guys", but the Chua are looking crazy awesome!

DrFrolicks: I'll be rolling a Mordesh only if they get tentacle limbs.

Darkjdnl: I planned on going Dominion, but after the race reveal i can't make up my mind anymore...They are both too awesome!


Sticking to their guns

Nomjabir: The Exiles will bw my choice. I hope the Mordesh will bring a little bit wicked humor on the side of the Exiles....Oh! I lost my

AbrahamChester: Sticking with Dominion, I think the Chua will make for some hilarious RP characters, even though I'm going Cassian

ManyFacetedMind: No, I am sticking with the Exiles because they are the niceguys/underdogs. My race may depend on class selection.

qn2Quid: No. but almost! Chua are really cool, and i still think Chua should be for the Exiles and Mordesh for the Dominion!

K7Sniper:  Nope. Staying with Human, though it did cement my decision to stick with Exiles. Mutant chipmunks will burn.

Ejani: No, still an Exile but it did change my starting race, bunny ears replaced by decaying limbs

AuPeri: Still Aurin/Mechari here. I plan to go back and forth a lot, but if I could kill Chua on both sides I would.

Arawulf: the only affect it had on me is that now I know who my Granok will be punting around

Santiark: Nay, it didn't. It affirmed that I was meant to be an Exile - death, decay and the greater good - with a twist. o/


We showed Chad “Pappy” Moore, our Lead Narrative Designer, all these tweets and this is what he had to say:


Hey everyone!

The reactions to this uplink question were very inspiring to the Narrative Design department! When developing the Chua and the Mordesh, we really wanted to present each of our factions with a completely different race - in effect, their "dirty little secrets" - that would stand in contrast to the others. We did this for a number of different reasons.

The first, and most important, was to create a more complex and interesting dynamic within each faction. Through the Chua and the Mordesh, we felt like our factions became a little more real and unique, offering a different perspective on the philosophies and motivations of each side. This allowed us to continue to push into those "gray areas" that make storytelling more interesting.

Sure, the Exiles are the scrappy underdogs who are fighting desperately for their new home - but throwing some creepy, dark space zombie alchemists into the mix makes you look at them in a whole different light. What are these guys really capable of? How far are they willing to go in order to achieve their goals?

In the Dominion, the Chua represent a level of disorganization and chaos that the rest of the empire finds uncomfortable. No one really knows what these little psychopathic rodents are going to do next, but they can't live without the awesome technology that they develop. And if a few citizens happen to get hurt as a result of their unpredictable sense of humor? That's a small price for galactic dominance.

The fact that some of you would be willing to change your faction (an important decision, I know!) because you are drawn to these two races makes us positively giddy. Mission accomplished!

And for those of you who are wondering...we are going to give you plenty of ways to reflect and enhance your choice of race in the game. Customization options, costumes, housing items...we can't wait to tell you more about them in the coming weeks and months! Stay tuned!

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