WildStar Wednesday: Interview with a Tester!

Written by David "Scooter" Bass on January 09, 2013

Before the new year, we held a WildStar Uplink where we asked you what questions you'd like a Friends & Family tester to answer. Gathering up those questions, we then turned them over to one of our current testers who agreed to help us out by answering your questions honestly. Below is Part 1 of his unfiltered responses, both good and bad, giving you a glimpse into the progress WildStar has been making so far and what you should expect to see in beta. Huge thanks to for his help in answering your questions!

  1. Chris Blake: What has been the most fun so far?

Delving into the mystery that is Nexus. As you travel through the areas, you discover the stories behind each and every creature and artifact, learning the complex relationships between the natives and the wilds. There is just so much to see and do.

  1. Bkmiller428: What feature causes you the most grief?

Double Jump is one of my favorite features that are also the one that gives me the most grief. While in combat and traveling through the world, jumping and double jumping are extremely useful and responsive. However, there are challenges that require precision jumping. Some of the jumps have to be made with the double jump feature. The issue is the lack of precision control in the jump and the landing.

What seems like it would actually be easier to control because you can change direction in the air, is actually difficult, at least for me, due to constantly overcompensating for the responsiveness. Tiny movements can get interpreted as a dodge; landing can have a momentum that will carry you past your intended landing pad. It is easily overcome with practice and possibly some adjustment to the feature functionality, but currently it has made me extremely frustrated in trying to complete some outstanding but difficult challenges.

  1. Tim Slager: Have you had the experience of "I'm going to play for 30 minutes, and then go do X" and realize that 5 hours later, you said that?

Am I limited to 5 hours? Because I don’t know how many times my wife has kicked me asking if I am going to come down and eat. I'll promptly respond (without taking my eyes off the screen) that I am testing and just ate breakfast; I will be down later, at which point she proceeds to inform me that it is now time for dinner. And I only sat down to test for an hour. Boy, time can fly.

  1. Jonathan Dana: We know many things that are enjoyable. So I would ask what did you find less entertaining?

Personally, I find the path of Settler the least enjoyable, it just doesn’t seem to fit my play style. Just can’t seem to get into gathering resources and building stuff to augment towns and outposts. This from a hardcore crafter, who enjoys the gathering and building of things, was rather surprising to discover I didn’t enjoy it. I know others that absolutely love it and dislike my chosen path of Explorer. Looking into every nook and cranny is just not what they are into.

That is the beauty of the Paths: you can pick what fits you and neither choice is bad. There are no bonuses or penalties for choosing a path to go with a certain class or race. Each is an individual choice that you tailor to how you like to play.

  1. Andreas Scholten: Do you think that the classes of WildStar have enough different mechanics to play each class with a completely different feeling?

Absolutely. The way the class mechanics work, and the way the abilities are used are different enough to require a learning curve when you switch classes. Even when you switch between melee and melee or ranged and ranged. It is a completely different play style requiring different moves for different situations.

The nice thing about the mechanics is the fact that you can change out your abilities at any time (outside of combat) as long as you own the ability. This makes how you play a Warrior completely different than the Warrior next to you. So it not just different between classes, you'll also see different mechanics within the class.

  1. Essaltap: did you find the telegraph system easy to learn? Hard to master? Sometimes messy when fighting multiple mobs?

Easy is subjective. Learning how telegraphs work is easy. Knowing what will come out of the telegraph can be hard. The telegraph lets you know where you shouldn’t be standing, but not any indication as to what the mob is going to do. That comes from learning the creatures you are fighting. It can be challenging to fight a single mob with the variety of attacks they will use, which is only compounded with multiple mobs.

Then you add on the layer of player telegraphs that you or your teammates are using, some of which are beneficial, and thus you want to actually be in the path of the ability. Group coordination can become crucial. 

Telegraphs in WildStar are unlike telegraphs in or tells of any other game I have played. While in some games a creature has 3 types of attacks, in WildStar, those three attacks could have 16 different telegraphs depending on how they will execute the attack. Trying to just stand in one place during a fight is a good way to end up on your back for the entire fight and dead.

  1. ValkavGaming: If you could change one thing about the game after having played it, what would it be, and why?

The map interface is my number one target for change at the moment. Indicators on the map and lack of indicators can be confusing, especially when you go into an underground area and the map still shows the surface. Don’t get me wrong however, the current map functions well, I just feel that it can be improved on and needs to be improved upon. Instances should not share the same real estate as the main map for example. It just causes confusion when trying to explore the world and knowing where you have been.

The ability to add your own notes to the map is also a requested feature that I am hoping will get implemented in the near feature. In a world where space travel is possible, control on what and when you see things on a map should be a given.

Thanks again to all of you for your questions, as well as to for his help with the responses! We'll have Part 2 for you next week!

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