WildStar Wednesday: Awards from gamescom & PAX

Written by Mark "Anlath" Hulmes on September 05, 2013

It’s such an honor to be here, we’d like to thank our Mum, Dad, as well as our cat, 'Mittens'…”

Just kidding! Don’t worry WildStar fans we’re not going to make you suffer through our carefully prepared and scripted award acceptance speech and CRB_Anlath has left his tuxedo at home (this time).

However, we would like to mention a couple of amazing awards that WildStar picked up recently at PAX Prime and gamescom 2013. These awards show that all the team’s hard work and dedication isn’t without reason and give us all a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside!



gamescom 2013


This year, gamescom 2013 was one of the biggest shows we have ever done. We re-capped all the highlights from the show in last week’s WildStar Wednesday but we didn’t mention that WildStar won two awards!

Our friends at ZAM awarded WildStar their Best in Show award, which sparked celebrations throughout the Team WildStar offices! You can read what they had to say about WildStar below:

“With its relaxed humor and Pixar-inspired art style, Carbine’s WildStar has been holding our attention since this very show two years ago. In the intervening years, the studio has revealed how the sausage is made, sharing regular updates on every single aspect, from the telegraph-based freeform targeting system, to the Path choices that tailor gameplay to your own individual preferences.

Led by executive producer Jeremy Gaffney, WildStar is aiming to have everything that an MMO game could want, and our own hands-on experience concurs. Dungeon reveals and more elder game information are on the horizon, giving us even more to salivate over. In all likelihood, come spring 2014, this is the MMO we'll all be playing.”

, one of the biggest gaming networks in Germany, also gave us something to celebrate! We picked up their Best of gamescom award which was voted for by users and the general public! WildStar dominated the poll thanks to the dedication of our German community, allowing us to stand atop a pile of videogame skulls (metaphorical ones anyway) like a mighty Draken huntress. Hear us roar!






PAX Prime 2013


After gamescom, we headed straight to PAX Prime in Seattle. The team at came to check out WildStar and got to see PvP on the show floor, a special dungeon demo with DevSpeak master Stephan Frost (which you can watch here) and generally chat to the team behind the game. We obviously impressed because they decided to give WildStar their Best in Show award for PAX Prime 2013! Woohoo!

Here’s what they had to say about us:

“WildStar may not be coming out until early 2014 now, but that doesn't mean the sci-fi fantasy MMORPG isn't getting more impressive with each passing show. The PVP was on the floor, showing exactly how the active combat will work in a competitive space. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, we were treated to an excellent demo of the dungeons in Nexus. Simply put: they're the kind of group experience a lot of folks have been craving since 2004. While there's some controversy surrounding the telegraphs in combat, we can safely say they work well to help coordinate in groups, and we're now anxiously awaiting our beta invites. Spring of 2014 can't come too soon.”





We’d like to say thank you to ZAM,, and for the awards! We’re as happy as an Exile at a hoedown!

Keep your eyes open for the next page of Tales from Beyond the Fringe, it' will be up Friday the 6th. If you missed the first part, you can read it here.

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