Carbine Studios Represents at GDC Online

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on August 04, 2011

Remember last week? We do! That's when we announced we'll be revealing our project at gamescom! Well, guess what? Two Carbine Studios staffers will be speaking this year at GDC Online in Austin, Texas. Here's more information:

Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney will be talking about the wild world of MMO production in a 60-minute lecture entitled "My Producer Really Sucks: Inside the Twisted Minds of MMO Producers." This talk is for everyone interested in MMO production and promises to have some intriguing stories of errors past and successes present. You can read more about this session by visiting this link.

And speaking of killer ideas, Carbine Studios Senior Writer Cory Herndon will show GDCO attendees how to overcome the wall-of-text beast with his session "TweetQuest: Telling Stories in 140-Character Chunks." The talk will cover examples from advertising, comics, movies, and games to show how Carbine is telling their story without dropping lore bombs on the player. You can read more about this session by visiting this link.

We'll see you in Austin!

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