Stellar Signature Monthly Rewards!

Written by Team WildStar on September 28, 2016

For the months of October, November, and December we’re kicking off a program to reward anyone with a Signature Membership with some special tokens of appreciation just for logging in each month.

October Signature Reward

When logging in during the month of October with a Signature-status account, players will receive a multi-redeem Preposterously Fancy Sack in their account inventory. The sack contains the aptly-named Fancy Blurple dye, and preposterously fancy Preposterous Silk Hat.

November Signature Reward

For logging in during the month of November as a Signature member, you’ll score a multi-redeem Empyrean Woolie. This peregrine plain strider is more than ready to make its debut, eagerly waiting to transport you on your wildest adventures across just about any terrain.

December Signature Reward

Signature holders who log in during the month of December will get to care for an adorable multi-redeem Sproutshell. The little thing doesn’t even have the intellectual capacity to understand what it is (plant-turtle-chicken?) but it’s ready to love and be loved in return. You could maybe try feeding it plants, though that might be considered cannibalism. In any event, cannibalism isn’t strictly policed on Nexus—use your best judgment!


If you don’t have Signature status and want to get your mitts on these rewards, it’s not too late! Sign up now and grab these perks while they’re around each month. You’ll still get all the other Signature benefits too!

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