Store Update! Darkspur of the Moment

Written by Team WildStar on July 20, 2016

The Lizarding World

Attention aspiring cartel moguls and criminal organizations! Your efforts toward violence and extortion will finally pay dividends when you grasp the reins of the Darkspur Trask. This reptilian roamer comes equipped with approximately the exact right amount of intimidating spikes and coarsened leather.

Judge, Jury, and—Killer Boots, Man!

If some Granok lawmaker is challenging your authority, you probably need a more demonstrative outfit. Even bullies on Nexus want to look pleasing while thieving. Slip head-to-toe in the Darkspur Costume like a boss on the frontier.

Mookie of the Year

Every mobster needs a loyal four-legged—scratch that—six-legged companion to pet menacingly whenever scheming and plotting. This little Mookie may have a vicious bite, but for you, he (she?) is as submissive as they get. Note: We’re not responsible for any collar-inflicted puncture wounds either accidental or purposeful.


Accessing the Store

  • Launch the game
  • Click on the NCoin icon on the bottom left or press the letter “U” on your keyboard

Most everything on the store can be purchased using either OmniBits (a free currency earned in-game alongside XP) or Protobucks, so get your Protostar-approved items today!


All this icing looking pretty sweet? Then dive in today and get yourself a galaxy-sized slice of WildStar cake—no subscription required.

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