New Bundles in Steam Summer Sale

Written by Team WildStar on June 23, 2016

This epic adventure of galactic proportions just got a whole lot more Steamy. To celebrate WildStar’s long-awaited Steam launch and kick off a summer of fun, we’ve got two new bundles of choice décor, pets, and mounts available now, and at a discounted price for a limited time in the Steam Summer Sale. Whether you’re blasting off for Nexus through the Steam client or not, you can pick up the Captain’s Pack or Cute & Cuddly Pack and save 20%. Spend your Protobucks responsibly and get these goods before the Steam Summer Sale ends!

I’m the Captain Now!

The Royal Piglet is the ultimate in cargo transport ships, and this bundle features just about everything you’ll need to dress it up as the ultimate Captain’s quarters; everything except a kitchen sink, but who needs one when you can just disintegrate dirty dishes? Stay fit and ready for combat on your private treadmill, and then contemplate the harsh realities of intergalactic diplomacy from your Captain’s Chair while surrounded by stress-reducing plant life.

Who’s a Good Snarfelynx?

Take a moment out of your busy schedule shooting aliens and strip-mining the planet for natural resources to enjoy the cute and cuddly things in life! This bundle is scientifically designed to illicit the rare “D’awww!” response, and raise vocal octaves into a range that usually only dogs can hear.

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