Want to Be Like You-oo-oo

Written by Team WildStar on June 07, 2016

Furious George

Go bananas with the new Monkey King costume and hoverboard—now available on the Signature Station*! Peel out on this primate-themed hoverboard, and then strike fear into the hearts of all manner of fruit with the frightful Monkey King outfit. These chimp-ly amazing items are sure to set you apart from the troop. Monkey see? Monkey do!

*Costume and hoverboard sold separately. Monkey King hoverboard is a Signature Station exclusive. Monkey King outfit is a Signature Station limited-time preview, after which it will become available on the In-Game Store.


Get Dressy

This traditional dress is made of the finest silk and detailed embroidery available on Nexus. Featuring separate skirt panels, you’ll feel as comfortable sitting for an afternoon tea as you will roundhousing space pirates in the face. And, while you might run to escape a pack of enraged Gorganoth, the pearl white stockings included with this outfit won’t.


Décor Dynasty

This unique interior décor set mixes traditional design with inlaid accents of gold and glowy blue stuff that’s probably not highly radioactive as long as it’s kept within its containment field. So how about we just go ahead and make a pact right now you won’t try to open it up or mess with it too much? Ok great, enjoy your new furniture!

Oh, also try not to look directly at the blue stuff for too long either. Did we mention that already? Oh ok, well that too.


King Jake

This little guy sports glorious golden fur, a red neckerchief, and a floating golden halo that we can only assume does not contain a concentrated core of pure evil. And boy does King Jake love to laugh! His positive vibes and merriment are infectious, and you’ll find yourself just feeling happier whenever he’s around. Sure, you might wonder if it’s that halo, hanging there, floating, for no natural reason. And sure, you might suspect that he’s influencing your mind, and to what ends you may not be able to fully comprehend yet, but come on, it’s a cute little monkey. Right?

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