WildStar in the Humble Bundle

Written by Team WildStar on February 16, 2016

We are honored to once again have an opportunity to help give back through Humble Bundle, and we have a great new bundle of our own to make this a valuable addition. For those that have used Humble Bundle before, you pay what you want for some great games, and choose who gets the money you’ve spent.

From now until March 1 WildStar will be participating in the Gamepedia Presented by Curse Humble Bundle by offering a virtual swag bag full goodies in the Jumpstart Pack.

The Jumpstart Pack includes:

  • Bag of Big Beginnings – 16-slot bag
  • Housewarming Gift Pack – Housing décor
  • Blue Steel Hover Board & Flair – Mount accessible at level 3
  • Flask of Advancement – 3 hour XP boost
  • Protostar Housing Teleportation Unit – Access your housing plot starting at level 3
  • New Homesteaders Allowance – 5 gold
  • Shardspire FABkit – Housing plot addition

While these items are uniquely geared toward helping new characters get early and improved access to some of the best parts of WildStar, any current player can also get and benefit from these items. Just be aware that some items are single claim, like the bag and gold, while others can be passed around to your other characters, like the hoverboard and housing plot teleporter.

Once the Humble Bundle ends we’ll have the Jumpstart Pack as a purchasable item on the In-Game Store, but this is a great time to get these great bonuses and rewards, and support a good cause.

Head over to the Gamepedia presented by Curse Humble Bundle to give back, and Jumpstart your WildStar experience.

See you on Nexus!

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