New Store Stuff!

Written by Team WildStar on October 26, 2015

The newest store items—purchasable with NCoin or the free in-game currency OmniBits—run the gamut of compelling marketing strategies. They’re lab-tested to ensure optimum shopper-salivation, extreme levels of purchaser satisfaction, and to be the ultimate envy of those around you.


Midnight Equivar

We’re not quite sure what happened to this equivar, but it’s clearly been through some stuff. Sporting the moody attitude of a high school goth concert—with just a dash of that “recently risen from the grave” je ne sais quoi—it’s just in time for Shade’s Eve!


Trask Tenderling Pet

Ignore the glowing red eyes and its proclivity to gnaw your face off—it’s so happy you’re its new friend! Or its dinner.


Flame Dye

This exothermic chemical process isn’t just for cave men anymore! Sport the newest and hippest fashion statement in the universe: fire.


Purple Equivar

This is an equivar of a different color! In this case, purple. Don’t let anyone tell you purple isn’t cool, because it is. Tell them we said so.


Dragoon Costume

Missile shoulders. That should be all we need to say: missile shoulders.


Head in-game and open the store (U) to browse these and all the other items available for purchase. Don’t have WildStar yet? Get it for free.

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