Goodbye Season 1, Hello Season 1.5!

Written by Steven "Meerkat" Engle on May 01, 2015

Greetings PvP fans, Steve “Meerkat” Engle here! I wanted to give you an INVASION: Nexus PvP Season update.

With the upcoming patch, INVASION: Nexus, we will be clearing personal and team ratings. Players who have reached the upper echelon of rankings will earn the title “the Warlike” for Rated Arenas and “the War-Forged” for Rated Battlegrounds.

The cutoff for titles is set at the following personal ratings for each bracket, and approximately represents the top 1% of all players in each bracket. Please note that these are personal ratings, not team ratings.

North America

  • 2 v 2: 1951
  • 3 v 3: 1907
  • 5 v 5: 1801
  • Rated Battlegrounds: 1373


  • 2 v 2: 1915
  • 3 v 3: 1816
  • 5 v 5: 1438
  • Rated Battlegrounds: 1268

In order to be eligible for your title, your personal rating in the specified bracket must be greater than or equal to the cutoffs listed above. We will be determining which players are eligible for titles when the servers come down for the INVASION: Nexus update. The rating cutoffs will not change, so any rating changes from now until the update goes live will count towards title eligibility. Our plan is to award titles by the time the servers come back up, but they may end up being delivered with the next week’s maintenance if issues arise.

INVASION: Nexus will also mark the start of season 1.5. This is a short, one-drop season that will allow us to the time necessary to test all the changes we've made and iterate based on feedback. We can then tweak the systems and move into Season 2.

Here are some of the upcoming updates:

The first update affects the way we treat gear in PvP instances. We will now scale the amount of statistics awarded from an item based on the maximum item level value set on the instance. We will only scale down items higher than the item level maximum set, which is item level 65 for season 1.5. For example:

  • If a player has a chest piece that is item level 79 and goes into a PvP instance, all stats are scaled down to item level 65.
  • If a player has a chest piece that is item level 63 and goes into a PvP instance, stats are not adjusted and remain the same.

There are known issues with the system that are being worked on for a fix before the start of Season 2. For instance, bonuses acquired through the imbuement system do not scale with this system, and item procs do not scale down from the intended item level.

The second update is to the way we handle Rating.

  • Players and Teams will now have a rating of 0 at the start of a season and cannot lose rating until they are above 400 rating. The rating of 400 serves as a floor, the floor prevents the player from removing enough rating in a loss to go below 400.
  • We have added floors to other rating milestones and those are 800, 1200, 1600, and 2000; which means you can gain and lose rating, but once a player has gone over a threshold they cannot go below it.

The third update is to the way we reward players for the end of season.

Beginning in season 1.5, only 3v3 Arena teams will be rewarded with items, titles, and achievements. While the reward structure is not finalized for Season 2 and beyond, we can mention the rewards for season 1.5.

We will be awarding two bags in season 1.5, one for 3v3 Arena participation and one for being in a top 5% 3v3 Rated Arena group.

3v3 Rated Arena Participation Bag contents:

  • One Starter Season 2 gear set for either Assault or Support specs.
  • Starter Season 2 gear is the excellent rarity (blue) base set with fixed rune slot amounts.

3v3 Rated Arena Top 5% Team Bag contents:

  • One Season 2 gear set for either Assault or Support specs.
  • Season 2 gear will start with superb rarity (purple) set. This set can be upgraded to legendary through imbuement unlocks.

Also included in each bag is this adorable little... thing:

To be eligible for rewards players need to participate in at least 25 matches in 3v3 Rated Arenas. To be eligible for the Top 5% team reward; players must complete all participation requirements, be in a top 5% Rated 3v3 Arena team, and need to at least played a minimum of 33% of the matches for that team.

It’s also important to note that season 2 gear, item level, and stats are TBD, and the stats will be finalized closer to the start of season 2. We will get that information out as soon as we can. And all of these changes will be evaluated and tweaked in Season 1.5 so we can make Season 2 the best it can be.

Thank you all for participating in our efforts to make WildStar PvP great. We value all feedback, so keep it coming by posting on the WildStar PvP forums. See you on the battlefield!

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