Initiate Fun with the Protogames Initiative

Written by Team WildStar on February 03, 2015

The Protogames Initiative has begun! Every team at Carbine has been hard at work on this update for months, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do. Read on for a summary of some of the biggest and best changes and improvements you’ll find in this update. And to learn every last detail, check out the full Patch Notes.

Protostar's Market Research Division recommends you view the latest WildStar video to see what the Protogames Initiative has in store... for you!

All Shiphands on Deck!

Shiphands are one of the most fun and popular parts of WildStar. Now you can add "most challenging" to that list with the introduction of level-50 veteran Shiphand dailies! Just like Veteran Adventures and Dungeons, these new, more challenging versions of the existing Shiphand missions have tougher encounters and commensurately better rewards. To try veteran Shiphands, Exiles can head to Thayd and visit Granny Adina in the Traverse Tunnels, while Dominion citizens should seek out Old Kess in Illium’s Spaceport Alpha

Even better, Level 50 players can now access all veteran Shiphands through the Group Finder. Queue for these on your own, or look for other players to join in. Enjoy increased Renown gains, new rewards, and a shot at some crazy-rare new mounts!

Not everything is about experienced players. This update also includes They Came From Fragment Zero! - a new starter-level Shiphand mission designed for level-6 players (with a veteran mode for the level-50s, of course). Blast off to an asteroid of the Halon Ring and uncover peril, and potential loot, in a spooky Eldan facility that is definitely not as "abandoned" as Freight Supervisor Bo's Ekose crew expected. Help Bo find her lost crewmen and learn the Shiphand ropes in a visually stunning out-of-this-world experience!

Taking You to School

No one is an expert in the beginning, so to help the newest players learn the ropes of WildStar group content and dungeons, we’re partnering with the hardworking clones of the Protostar Corporation to bring you the most engaging dungeon combat tutorial this side of the Fringe. Yes, it’s time to go back to dungeon school with the Protogames Academy! This level-10 dungeon will teach less experienced players the tricks of the trade, introducing them to complex group content mechanics, while providing access to more support-role gear earlier in the leveling process. Keep your ears on – a Protostar representative will soon call your datachron and invite you to see everything the Protogames Academy has to offer!

Take Your Protogames to the ULTIMATE!

But Protostar knows that good customers are customers for life - so once you've "graduated" to the big leagues at level 50, suit up and get ready to explore the Ultimate Protogames! This challenging new level-50 dungeon (with veteran mode) will pit you against randomly assorted examples of the most diabolical and deviously devised diversions to ever emerge from their Top-Secret Weapons Division. Can you handle the Bev-O-Rage Break Room? Want to hit the gridiron for a few rounds against mighty (and hard-hitting) Hut-Hut? Or do you dare to venture into the most dreaded and deadly zone of all: the Employee Cafeteria? 

That's Totally Medal

There’s also been some Itemization Revisions to the elder game. Say what now? That means we've spent a lot of time increasing the quality of rewards players can earn in dungeons and raids. We even increased the experience from dungeon objectives. Prepare to level up!

Finally, all dungeon medal calculation has been updated to use a point system. Say what again? Well, during your dungeon runs you’ll see a clear indication of your progress towards the next medal. Killed some trash? That will get you some points. Completed an optional objective? Wow, look at you! Big point bonus there, sparky. In fact, everything you do in a dungeon will affect your score, from killing bosses, to making the entire group wipe.

This gives players more freedom to complete dungeons and earn silver and gold medals. No more resetting if you get an optional objective you dislike!

With these changes to elder game itemization, players will now have an opportunity to get tokens that drop from raid bosses. These can be exchanged at a vendor for specific pieces of gear for your class. In addition, randomized items now have better stat distributions, and random items will always roll for a specific spec (e.g., Assault Warrior) rather than random stats.

The Roster Boss is Down!

In an effort to allow more players to take on the Datascape raid, we’ve revamped it to scale for groups of 20 players, down from the original 40. All encounters have been balanced for these smaller groups, and spell target counts, HP values, and other specific changes can be found in the Patch Notes. (Special thanks goes out to all of the volunteer testers who’ve been getting pasted over and over again in the name of progress!)

Queue Warplots in One, Two, Three...

Queueing for Warplots just got easier!

  • Warparties can make their Warplot public for Mercenary matches, and earn Warcoins for each rental.
  • Warparty Members can queue as Mercenaries, instead of only getting to play in Warparty matches.

There’s also been some new Warplot gameplay mechanics implemented to create more opportunities for skirmishing and tactics.

  • Warplot fortresses cannot be breached until nanopak nodes around the fortresses are all captured. Be sure to keep these nodes though, as losing access to a node after a breach will bring the barriers back up.
  • The generator at the heart of the fortress has also been reworked so that it cannot be attacked until all the plugs linked to it have been destroyed.

With Great Power Comes Even Greater... REWARDS!

We’ve revamped our Renown Vendor Itemization so that renown can be used to purchase quality imbuement gear as well as unique costumes, mounts, and more. You'll also get a lot more Renown for completing veteran Shiphands and Adventures!

What’s another great way to get some quality gear? How about a new currency aimed at those who like a challenge? Get ready to spend some Glory. Glory can be earned by completing veteran dungeons and overcoming raid encounters. Glory vendors can be found alongside daily quest NPCs in either the Traverse Tunnels of Thayd, or Spaceport Alpha in Illium.

Random Acts of Loot

To earn more renown and the new glory currency you’ll want some more friends to fight at your side. Additional rewards will be granted to those adventurers who queue for random Shiphands, adventures, dungeons, battlegrounds and more. That’s right - players who queue for, and complete, a random piece of content through the group finder will receive a bonus bag chock full of goodies and extra currency!

A Whole New You (or Two)

You fine-tune your gear, why not fine-tune your face? The new in-game Character Customization System will let you make all kinds of changes to your characters hair, face, and body. Just visit any Protostar Modification Specialist (the guys you go to for changing your costume or dyes) and select the “Character Chop Shop” to try out some new looks.

You can now preview a sample of beginning, middle and endgame class gear sets in the right side menu. While there you’ll also notice that race, class and path lore descriptions have been shortened, and revised for greater clarity.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

You’ve changed your face, and customized your hoverboard with the latest styles. So why not change your digs with new Housing Decor items and Housing Options.

Customize your housing property with new Terrain Sets. From the dusty dunes of Malgrave to the ice floes of Whitevale, players have more control over the look of their plot than ever before.

And get this: the doors in your décor? Now they open and close. Seriously.

Speaking of housing, ever noticed how your house takes up a good portion of your entire plot? Make better use of the available space with the new Underground Bunker house! On the surface, it's just a mysterious hatch like one might find on a time-lost tropical island or a derelict space ship, but step inside and it's a full-size (underground) house.

Respect Your Elder (Gems)

Everyone at level cap can use more elder gems, right? Time to load up on Elder Gem Weekly quests. Three new level-50 quests are available at the Venture Board in the Capital cities. Complete one each week and receive 40 extra Elder Gems - which can even exceed your weekly cap. These quests progress as players participate in the targeted content throughout the week.

  • Group PvE Quest - Completing dungeons and adventures will give progress for this quest, with bonuses to credit based on the player’s medal. The longer, and more difficult the content, the more credit attained!
  • PvP – Completing battlegrounds, arena and Warplot matches will progress this quest, and winning matches will get you bonus credit. The larger the match size, the better it gets.
  • Good Old-Fashioned Questing – We heard you like quests, so for those that just can’t get enough questing, we made a quest that progresses when completing quests. So go on out there and quest while you quest! This counts most level 50 quests, including regular zone quests, world story quests, and dailies!

We've covered the biggest changes and updates coming to WildStar in The Protogames Initiative - but for a more thorough look at every last thing in the drop, remember to check out the detailed Patch Notes.

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