Mystery of the Genesis Prime Patch Note Summary

Written by Team WildStar on November 11, 2014

As promised, this update delivered the biggest patch yet to WildStar, chock full of content and anticipated fixes. The patch notes were much too long to post here, and instead we have opted to pull some of the most noticeable changes. For the longer version of our notes, with all the gritty details of every change, you may simply click this link and move on with your day. For those that want to get on with it, and enjoy all that’s in the game, read on.


The time has come for us to open the gates to our newest content drop, Mystery of the Genesis Prime. By now you’ve read about all that we have in store for players new and old with the The Defile and OMNICore-1, but we’ve also made some highly anticipated improvements to WildStar as well.

New Areas

With the introduction of The Defile, there’s even more exciting places for players to explore, Achievements to achieve, and Path missions to complete, and lots of solo content to keep the lone wolf players happy.

The Black Focus is a great example of what small group content in the open world can be. There are hidden treasures to discover, platform puzzles, overlapping dailies, gorgeous and diverse world art, and for our group players - the chance for a battle with Koral the Defiler, the corrupt Eldan scientist looking to spread the Strain throughout Nexus.

Players will also have an opportunity to try out Siege of the Lightspire. This is our 20-person, five-part public event where the Exiles and the Dominion have to work together for a common cause. Blow things up by air, ground, or whatever else Protostar hands you.

Additionally, this update is fully packed with new lore content that advances the story of Nexus even further. Continue the Nexus saga and explore OMNICore-1, our all new, fully-voiced, story instance for solo players. And, if you just can’t get enough, repeat it to experience every choice and earn more rewards.

Changes to Runecrafting

There’s some notable improvements to the Runecrafting system to make drops much more rewarding, and many of those changes can be found in this thread. We’ve added new runes to WildStar which give you more choices than ever - especially those glorious travellers on Nexus who’ve reached Level 50 already. This benefits PvPers as well, as purchased and crafted PvP items will now roll an additional rune slot to stay in line with our group content rewards.

...but that’s not all! Eldan Runic Flux will allow you to add up rune slots, and reroll Rune Elements once on an item from now on.

Additionally, new players will appreciate the new Weakend Runes, which is a new rune type that’s more attractive (and affordable) for players during their leveling phase - ask the nearest Protostar vendor for details!

More Comfort Everywhere

The new Weakend Runes are only one example of our improvements to make your experience in WildStar more worthwhile. Rented Mount vendors have been added to Algoroc, Celestion, Deradune and Ellevar. These vendors will provide an inexpensive and temporary license that will allow players the use of a mount for 24 hours.

If patience is not one of your strong suits, or you simply want to get straight to the action, there’s now an option to skip the Arkship tutorial from the character creation screen. This action will land you at level 3 in your characters designated starting area!

There’s been a cooldown reduction on capital city transmat spells from 24 hours to just 30 minutes, allowing you to get to any one of your favorite destinations even faster! To make life on Nexus even more convenient, we’ve also added more engraving stations and Mailbox locations across Nexus.

Who doesn’t like more money for all of their hard work? We’ve increased monetary quest rewards by 140%, junk items have also had their vendor sell value increased by 40%, and group and raid difficulty creatures drop a higher quantity of loot. So go out there and rake in some of that hard-earned ‘G’.

Dungeon crawls have you down? Still looking for the perfect way to get through them? We’ve added a dungeon medals info screen when a dungeon is completed. It will have a breakdown of all the objectives you completed or missed, so you can get a better sense of how to improve your next dungeon run!

The Bronze Age in its glory

Speaking of Dungeons, one of our many goals over the course of the past few months was to make Raiding much more accessible. So, we’ve lowered the requirements on Veteran dungeons and Adventures, and you only have to complete them with a Bronze Medal (instead of silver). During the attunement quest, world bosses are now retroactively counted - even if you kill them before reaching that step of the attunement it will still count.

Furthermore, world bosses will now respawn after 2-3 hours (instead of 6-12) and adventurers will receive a Pristine Genesis Key after defeating Dreadphage Ohmna.

In A Class All Your Own

We’ve made changes to Assault Power and Support Power stat values to normalize them across all DPS and Tank archetypes. The most notable change is that we’ve equalized the amount of Assault Power and Support Power gained from Primary Stats for all DPS and Tanks in the game. We’ve also removed damage percent bonuses from Offensive stances, and added a percent damage decrease while in Defensive Stances. Our goal in doing this is to normalize stat values, and allow us to keep classes in a more competitive position with each other.

For the PvPers

With this patch, all PvP ratings have been reset, and we’ve reduced the penalty for losses in rated matches. Players who reached a personal rating around the top 1% of all players in their region/bracket prior to the reset will receive a unique title for both Rated Arenas and Battlegrounds. On the Warplot side of things, we’ve reduced the size of 40 vs. 40 matches down to 30 vs. 30.

And there’s so much more!

This is just a short list of all the new things in our biggest content update yet, but you can see all the changes we made in our patch notes! We could tell you about the new rewards for veteran dungeons, the new training dummies, the new colorblind settings or the thousands of bugs that have been fixed - but ultimately you should just jump into WildStar and see it for yourself!

All our teams have been working hard on this update and we hope that you enjoy it. Let us know what you think!

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