WildStar Leaderboards - October 23, 2014

Written by Team WildStar on October 23, 2014

Stop the presses! Here’s this week’s PvP Leaderboard! Wars were waged and battles won in the kill or be killed world of PvP. Many join in the fight, but only the very best grace the illustrious pages of our Leaderboards.  See where you stand amongst the bold, the brave, the badass.

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NA 2v2 Arena NA 3v3 Arena NA 5v5 Arena NA Battlegrounds
EU 2v2 Arena EU 3v3 Arena EU 5v5 Arena EU Battlegrounds


NA 2v2        
Name Faction Race Class Rating
Crop ped Dominion Cassian Esper 2586
Afflictions Dominion Cassian Esper 2565
Azura K Dominion Cassian Stalker 2515
Daddy Ecstasy Exile Human Warrior 2495
Pita Panda Dominion Cassian Medic 2488
Narthor Odinson Dominion Chua Medic 2484
Krys D Exile Human Esper 2476
Celsus Atilios Dominion Cassian Esper 2470
Tabz mvp Exile Human Warrior 2422
Lyi Exile Mordesh Medic 2403
False Hope Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2399
Tyrannos Eclips Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2379
Billuster B Exile Granok Medic 2363
Dj NaVe Exile Granok Warrior 2335
Dominus Eclips Dominion Cassian Warrior 2333
Megatf Dominion Cassian Warrior 2331
klorin fluxbreaker Dominion Mechari Medic 2327
Seckel FMs Exile Human Spellslinger 2322
Gladiator Hankster Dominion Draken Warrior 2316
Omnispawna Dominion Cassian Esper 2313
Emeril Exile Mordesh Engineer 2305
Insomniaq Kobo Dominion Cassian Warrior 2289
yolomedicx Dominion Chua Medic 2288
Billustery Exile Granok Medic 2287
dirrtymike Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2271
Seckel FG Exile Human Warrior 2267
Gucci Mane Exile Human Spellslinger 2266
MarySue Dominion Cassian Esper 2263
ShakeTheHealer Dominion Cassian Medic 2249
Anethia Exile Human Medic 2247
King Zuraxe Dominion Cassian Warrior 2247
Klove Exile Granok Medic 2239
Valmar Dominion Draken Warrior 2235
Doctor Mudbutt Dominion Cassian Engineer 2233
Kingpin sevRAWR Dominion Mechari Warrior 2228
Dynkin PiLambda Exile Human Esper 2222
Laz or Dominion Mechari Engineer 2222
Rezound Fluffinstuff Dominion Chua Medic 2219
Dezric Exile Aurin Stalker 2216
Jeevo Sensei Dominion Chua Spellslinger 2212
Lord Genome Exile Human Warrior 2212
Anx xnA Dominion Cassian Stalker 2211
Orto Exile Aurin Esper 2210
Paradise Paradise Dominion Cassian Engineer 2210
PVE Dominion Cassian Esper 2207
Rotovibe Dominion Cassian Engineer 2207
PeaceMakerSS Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2204
Wonderpumkin BESTmedicNA Dominion Chua Medic 2204
Insayn Dominion Draken Stalker 2203
Cardinal Dominion Chua Medic 2202


NA 3v3        
Name Faction Race Class Rating
Choppacity Allstar Dominion Cassian Warrior 2364
Kingpin sevRAWR Dominion Mechari Warrior 2261
MosH HsoM Exile Human Warrior 2255
Crop ped Dominion Cassian Esper 2242
Aces Exile Aurin Spellslinger 2231
ShanaynayBiggums Exile Human Medic 2225
Bootypop Exile Human Warrior 2215
Gladiator Hankster Dominion Draken Warrior 2210
Doctor Mudbutt Dominion Cassian Engineer 2198
Kritical Exile Human Esper 2182
Gatlike Narcissist Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2154
foomanchua Dominion Chua Medic 2151
Golrath Crushridge Exile Human Warrior 2117
OG Pulls Dominion Draken Stalker 2104
Paradise Paradise Dominion Cassian Engineer 2076
Dj NaVe Exile Granok Warrior 2046
Altsein Dominion Cassian Warrior 2027
Wan Tortilla Dominion Draken Stalker 2005
NEET pancakes Dominion Cassian Warrior 2005
Bobcow Exile Mordesh Medic 1992
Don Cheadle Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1986
Psimos Dominion Cassian Esper 1984
Demoralize Exile Human Warrior 1965
The Warrior Dominion Draken Warrior 1955
LagxSpike Exile Human Spellslinger 1951
Mediocre Dominion Mechari Medic 1948
Soulshaker Exile Human Esper 1948
Drezs Hrotgar Exile Granok Warrior 1947
Smexin Dominion Chua Spellslinger 1940
Saline Dominion Chua Medic 1935
Deny Exile Mordesh Engineer 1932
Parish Deathslinger Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1902
Dr YaltY Dominion Mechari Medic 1901
Samuel Jackson Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1879
Vyrak Vichiers Exile Human Warrior 1879
Cyprix Exile Human Esper 1870
Umeko Exile Mordesh Medic 1859
Draxar Dominion Draken Warrior 1858
GhostBlood Dominion Draken Stalker 1856
Juked Exile Human Engineer 1853
Buffington Dominion Draken Warrior 1853
Sparkin ISCOMINFODATASS Exile Human Warrior 1852
Nut Exile Mordesh Warrior 1852
Televizzle Dominion Draken Warrior 1852
Asuna Yuuki Dominion Cassian Esper 1852
ePaL Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1852
AdoptedtheDark Dominion Mechari Warrior 1849
Swaggy Z Exile Aurin Stalker 1845
Knighty Exile Human Warrior 1841
Morbid Megalomania Dominion Cassian Medic 1841


NA 5v5        
Name Faction Race Class Rating
Perky Tricks Dominion Chua Esper 2110
atesc cseta Exile Granok Engineer 2047
Verbina Flux Exile Human Esper 2019
Excel Dominion Draken Stalker 2001
Amon Min Exile Mordesh Spellslinger 1998
Wilow Dominion Chua Engineer 1936
RawnBizzle Dominion Draken Stalker 1935
CRYSTALMANBOB THEJAXCAT Dominion Mechari Warrior 1928
Fidelcastbro Dominion Cassian Stalker 1916
Essex Dominion Chua Esper 1915
Arko Bloodoak Exile Aurin Esper 1911
Mag Sigma Dominion Cassian Engineer 1906
Zapdos Dominion Cassian Medic 1904
Alastiir Shelthar Dominion Mechari Warrior 1900
The Hotdogler Dominion Chua Engineer 1881
Squeegeez Dominion Chua Engineer 1876
TFT Exile Aurin Esper 1870
Leyendaz Exile Human Esper 1868
Syncness Dominion Cassian Warrior 1864
GraveHorizon Dominion Cassian Esper 1864
Singarti Blackhorn Dominion Draken Stalker 1861
MiraStrauss Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1861
Vrazda Dominion Draken Stalker 1857
LokiLoki Dominion Cassian Esper 1854
TheSquishy Dominion Draken Stalker 1854
Katipen Exile Mordesh Engineer 1854
Avaline Anteva Dominion Cassian Esper 1853
Sorroto Savagestar Exile Aurin Stalker 1852
vermicide I Dominion Draken Warrior 1847
Sleipnir EightLegged Dominion Chua Engineer 1842
Shinz Exile Granok Warrior 1842
Kup Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1841
BoxZilla Dominion Cassian Engineer 1841
rgTe Dominion Cassian Esper 1841
Berenice Stormtalon Dominion Cassian Stalker 1840
Nekrotic Dominion Chua Spellslinger 1838
Exovious Dominion Chua Esper 1838
Thrashr Dominion Cassian Stalker 1836
Blasto Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1835
Just TheTip Dominion Mechari Engineer 1835
Ratio Phi Dominion Cassian Esper 1834
Syeng Engineering Dominion Mechari Engineer 1833
Nico Rakoveliz Dominion Mechari Warrior 1831
Vilkas Exile Aurin Stalker 1831
PiperCoriver Dominion Cassian Stalker 1831
EasyMode Dominion Chua Medic 1831
Draliel Dominion Cassian Medic 1830
ZeroEmpathy Dominion Chua Spellslinger 1830
Witchblade Dominion Cassian Esper 1829
Phranq Dominion Chua Esper 1828


NA Battlegrounds        
Name Faction Race Class Rating
ShanaynayBiggums Exile Human Medic 2417
Seckel FG Exile Human Warrior 2404
Krys D Exile Human Esper 2382
Vindictive Exile Human Warrior 2319
Doctor Mudbutt Dominion Cassian Engineer 2303
Golrath Crushridge Exile Human Warrior 2265
kingfly mvp Exile Human Engineer 2239
M Dubz Exile Mordesh Medic 2230
Honey Badger Dominion Chua Spellslinger 2202
Wonderpumkin BESTmedicNA Dominion Chua Medic 2200
Sinovia Dominion Mechari Stalker 2184
ImDaTruth Exile Human Spellslinger 2167
Destructo Exile Mordesh Stalker 2152
Never Heals Dominion Chua Medic 2132
Metaphor Grammar Dominion Cassian Engineer 2125
DJPenguin Exile Aurin Spellslinger 2124
Causation Feckkarbine Exile Aurin Stalker 2124
Candent Fox Dominion Chua Spellslinger 2122
Khnum Khufu Exile Aurin Stalker 2119
Blackness Dominion Cassian Esper 2118
madmarttigan Exile Mordesh Spellslinger 2116
Irmo Dominion Draken Warrior 2115
Corona Dominion Mechari Warrior 2108
Mezi Chan Exile Aurin Spellslinger 2105
cool matt Exile Mordesh Engineer 2105
Gladiator Hankster Dominion Draken Warrior 2104
Ruz Ai Dominion Cassian Warrior 2098
Killren Exile Aurin Stalker 2095
BawbSaget Dominion Mechari Warrior 2090
OmniPrime Dominion Cassian Esper 2088
BlackSpade Exile Aurin Stalker 2077
Mister Bigglesworth Dominion Draken Stalker 2075
Dreampuff Exile Granok Medic 2060
foomanchua Dominion Chua Medic 2060
Altsein Dominion Cassian Warrior 2057
Klove Exile Granok Medic 2053
Killionaire Dominion Cassian Warrior 2034
rgTe Dominion Cassian Esper 2024
Azar Exile Human Warrior 2024
Sieges segeiS Dominion Cassian Esper 2023
Para Psychology Exile Aurin Esper 2023
Parish Deathslinger Exile Aurin Spellslinger 2007
Velsh Exile Human Warrior 2004
Headlines Dominion Cassian Esper 2003
Chaosknight Exile Human Spellslinger 1994
Powerr Exile Human Warrior 1990
MosH HsoM Exile Human Warrior 1988
Legit Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1986
Voxis Exile Mordesh Stalker 1986
Medpk Exile Human Medic 1984


EU 2v2        
Name Race Class Rating Wins
Thirborn Dominion Cassian Stalker 3002
Mysterious Symorgh Dominion Mechari Warrior 2881
Atrazia Dominion Cassian Esper 2803
Dan Dolme Dominion Cassian Esper 2742
XSuperX warbanger Exile Mordesh Spellslinger 2709
kSheni Dominion Chua Engineer 2505
Ysina Gladiuxa Dominion Mechari Warrior 2448
Ysi Dominion Mechari Warrior 2435
balaM dead Dominion Cassian Warrior 2422
GuytouIII Dominion Mechari Medic 2419
Gathord Exile Human Warrior 2376
XSuperX FANGIRL Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2373
Hisae Orochi Exile Mordesh Stalker 2326
Akashoula Dominion Cassian Warrior 2302
Queen Akasha Dominion Cassian Warrior 2302
Zheps Salty Dominion Cassian Medic 2301
Drilz Dominion Chua Spellslinger 2251
Vanou Exile Aurin Esper 2238
Michua Kruger Dominion Chua Spellslinger 2214
Xeshy Prime Dominion Cassian Esper 2209
Vhai Exile Granok Warrior 2207
Xeruz Aegis Exile Human Warrior 2205
J?nssi McDeus Dominion Chua Engineer 2203
SaveroK Dominion Mechari Engineer 2203
J?nssi Dominion Chua Engineer 2203
Alphonse Mephesto Dominion Chua Engineer 2203
Zulway Kruger Dominion Chua Esper 2202
Sando Calrissian Exile Human Spellslinger 2202
Von Hannesban Dominion Cassian Medic 2201
Hannesban Dominion Cassian Medic 2201
Noxone Exile Human Spellslinger 2201
Marwinz Dominion Cassian Esper 2198
Cyclone B Dominion Mechari Warrior 2193
Delirium Nocturnum Dominion Cassian Medic 2191
Delirus Dominion Cassian Medic 2191
playtoy Dominion Cassian Medic 2190
Atyrias Dominion Cassian Medic 2186
suna zadkiel Dominion Chua Medic 2186
Atyrias GT Dominion Cassian Medic 2186
Aty Rias Dominion Cassian Medic 2186
paQuito Exile Aurin Esper 2175
sunalol Dominion Chua Medic 2168
Navity Hazak Exile Human Engineer 2165
TrustMeImAnEngineer Navu Dominion Cassian Engineer 2164
Kuku Sama Dominion Cassian Medic 2160
Evo Sin Exile Human Stalker 2151
Numm Exile Human Medic 2150
Kasdeya sama Exile Aurin Spellslinger 2140


EU 3v3        
Name Faction Race Class Rating
SKULM SKULLMASTER Dominion Mechari Warrior 2124
Gerikke Exile Human Spellslinger 2120
Vici Dominion Mechari Warrior 2118
Marwinz Dominion Cassian Esper 2095
Drilz Dominion Chua Spellslinger 2087
Ctrlaltdelx Dominion Cassian Esper 2064
Dani Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2046
balaM dead Dominion Cassian Warrior 2037
SaveroK Dominion Mechari Engineer 2020
Aladeen Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2001
Black Jack Exile Granok Warrior 1991
Axelay Exile Granok Warrior 1991
Based Xywok Exile Aurin Esper 1988
Xywok Exile Aurin Esper 1988
Basaz Exile Mordesh Warrior 1978
Gexy Dominion Draken Stalker 1978
Azid Exile Mordesh Medic 1977
Diiibs Dominion Cassian Medic 1971
Dawyn Dominion Chua Engineer 1970
Vanou Exile Aurin Esper 1964
Thirborn Dominion Cassian Stalker 1958
Azune Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1954
Atrazia Dominion Cassian Esper 1943
Uggen Exile Human Warrior 1928
Hakyoo Dominion Chua Spellslinger 1917
Obzx Dominion Cassian Warrior 1914
sildw Dominion Cassian Warrior 1913
XSuper X Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1911
Titor Exile Human Medic 1910
Cyanure Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1909
Noweri Tuplamutka Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1904
Tuplamutka Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1904
Ace Dominion Draken Warrior 1903
Eeagle Exile Aurin Esper 1900
Mr WalzY Exile Granok Warrior 1899
WalzY Thunderstriker Exile Granok Warrior 1899
WalzY Exile Granok Warrior 1899
Aeze Dominion Chua Spellslinger 1894
Antako Dominion Cassian Warrior 1893
TheCakeIsALie Dominion Chua Spellslinger 1893
Margaux Exile Mordesh Warrior 1890
Malinchak Mc Exile Mordesh Warrior 1890
BluBla Dominion Cassian Esper 1885
Lans Dominion Mechari Stalker 1885
Lans Kenpachi Dominion Mechari Stalker 1885
FireD Gesby Dominion Chua Esper 1880
Extz Dominion Chua Spellslinger 1876
VanWDF Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1874


EU 5v5        
Name Faction Race Class Rating
umbre thombetoile Dominion Mechari Warrior 2199
Evilbun Reborn Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1960
Elulia Exile Aurin Stalker 1957
Molyna Moo Dominion Mechari Medic 1956
Yidao Exile Human Medic 1955
Hajenda Silverwing Dominion Cassian Warrior 1948
WindGhost Dominion Cassian Warrior 1943
Primus Sniper Dominion Cassian Esper 1936
Schnaiper Dominion Cassian Esper 1936
UrzaKeFrostgard Exile Human Engineer 1933
Opti Lasgar Dominion Mechari Engineer 1931
luffy rafik Dominion Mechari Warrior 1926
Cirex Exile Human Medic 1911
Velos Thanatos Dominion Cassian Stalker 1909
Keiga Exile Aurin Stalker 1903
Lord JooF Exile Aurin Stalker 1903
Smikis Exile Mordesh Warrior 1902
Uliren Exile Mordesh Stalker 1902
Botch Dominion Cassian Warrior 1895
Ramba Zamba Dominion Draken Stalker 1889
Relador Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1880
Kirika Dominion Cassian Esper 1877
Slick Shadow Dominion Draken Warrior 1871
Jask Exile Human Warrior 1863
Skarsniq Exile Mordesh Engineer 1860
Diplomingenieur Skarsniq Exile Mordesh Engineer 1860
Tocity Exile Human Spellslinger 1858
Mygale Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1857
Gorhaxis Exile Mordesh Medic 1856
Kaila Exile Human Esper 1853
Jinzu TheOne Exile Human Warrior 1848
Jinzu Exile Human Warrior 1848
TKOlol Exile Human Warrior 1841
Ratchetz Dominion Cassian Engineer 1841
Zay Aela Exile Human Spellslinger 1838
Crighton Dominion Chua Esper 1838
Furball Crighton Dominion Chua Esper 1838
Thromko Dominion Chua Engineer 1832
Dzo Dominion Draken Warrior 1831
Badonkadonkz Dominion Cassian Medic 1830
Slaapy Dominion Chua Engineer 1830
XAlucardX Dominion Draken Stalker 1829
Skeroline Dominion Cassian Stalker 1829
Hassknecht Dominion Cassian Engineer 1828
Aril Exile Aurin Esper 1828
Gamba Dilegno Dominion Cassian Engineer 1828
Aril Dinglehopper Exile Aurin Esper 1828
Queen Margrethe Exile Aurin Esper 1827
SushiCore Dominion Cassian Engineer 1827
Durokai Violentwood Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1826


EU Battlegrounds        
Name Faction Race Class Rating
Cpt Ibuki Exile Granok Engineer 2420
CaTa RacT Dominion Chua Medic 2315
Skulm Dominion Mechari Warrior 2252
TheRealOtto Exile Mordesh Medic 2252
SKULM SKULLMASTER Dominion Mechari Warrior 2252
Cooz Exile Human Warrior 2229
SaveroK Dominion Mechari Engineer 2229
Shallow Dominion Draken Warrior 2215
Mysterious Symorgh Dominion Mechari Warrior 2213
Taigalover Exile Aurin Stalker 2204
Katsuie Exile Human Spellslinger 2204
Nemi Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2192
Nemi Kox Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 2192
Cubism Exile Mordesh Medic 2191
Abrein Dominion Mechari Stalker 2171
Faralis Exile Human Warrior 2132
Diiibs Dominion Cassian Medic 2129
Kaboom Dominion Draken Spellslinger 2127
Kazuk Dasitmane Exile Human Spellslinger 2123
Tabita Exile Aurin Stalker 2108
kakiasmeni Exile Human Medic 2108
Tracinta Dominion Cassian Esper 2102
Finalshadow Exile Aurin Stalker 2100
Phenom Exile Human Stalker 2096
Mr WalzY Exile Granok Warrior 2095
WalzY Exile Granok Warrior 2095
WalzY Thunderstriker Exile Granok Warrior 2095
Saeshi Dominion Chua Medic 2093
Antrak Exile Mordesh Spellslinger 2078
Antrak Deathbringer Exile Mordesh Spellslinger 2078
Jakkall Dominion Draken Warrior 2078
Doru Exile Aurin Esper 2075
Deioth Codex Exile Human Stalker 2035
MooseinCONTROL Exile Granok Warrior 2033
Mizei Dominion Cassian Esper 2018
BluBla Dominion Cassian Esper 2009
Zerbo Shadowblade Exile Aurin Stalker 2005
Zerbo Exile Aurin Stalker 2005
XSuper X Exile Aurin Spellslinger 2002
Yidao Exile Human Medic 2001
Kailly Exile Aurin Esper 1999
Wellan Exile Granok Engineer 1991
Gibz Exile Aurin Spellslinger 1991
Azid Exile Mordesh Medic 1986
Terrahz Dominion Cassian Spellslinger 1983
ekSii Exile Human Esper 1972
Ach Dominion Cassian Warrior 1967
Gerikke Exile Human Spellslinger 1966
Anduin Exile Human Spellslinger 1962
ChewedUp Exile Granok Warrior 1959

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