Myala Everstar is the reigning Aurin queen; the last to rule from the historic Royal Grove on Arboria. Driven from the planet early in her reign, this determined ruler has come to Nexus to find a way to stop the Dominion invasion from destroying the forests of her homeworld. But first she seeks a safe refuge on Nexus, a place for her people to live according to their ways until they can return home. Weakened and exhausted, she now fights for her own life as her connection to the Mother Tree on Arboria grows ever more tenuous. Soon Myala will face a fateful decision—will she lead her people back to liberate their homeworld, or will she sever ties with Arboria so she and her people can make a new life on Nexus?

  • Affiliation: Exiles
  • Species: Aurin
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 33 standard years

Forms of Address

Queen Myala: Most Aurin address her royal highness less formally, dropping her honorific "Everstar" when speaking to or about her.

Physical Description

Myala is tall for an Aurin, with flowing silver hair and small, agile ears. She favors only small badges of her high office, and prefers to wear subdued clothing. Her crown was shaped from a Mother Tree cutting and helps keep her connected to the forests and her people on Arboria.


Myala's boundless courage and determination to defeat the Dominion has driven all Exiles, not just the Aurin, to rally to her side on Nexus. She strives to be the leader her brave people deserve. Sincere and driven, she is pure of heart and intent. That doesn't mean she doesn't want to see the emperor's head on a spike, or that she'd fail to use deadly force if she ever met the murderous Chua war criminal Mondo Zax, creator of the planet reapers.

The queen's inherent decency lets her see the best even in gruff characters like Durek or dark, somber figures such as Victor Lazarin. She gets on well with most Exiles, including Aron Brightland and Belle Walker.


A relatively young queen of the matriarchal Aurin, Myala Everstar ascended to power in her teens when the Wise Ones chose her to lead her people through what they warned would be their darkest hour. As leader, she chose to be the first Aurin to greet Dorian Walker when he visited her planet on his search for Nexus. The newly met Aurin and human Exiles quickly became allies, with the Aurin helping the Exiles maintain their gardening and agriculture ships, and the Exiles providing the planetbound Aurin with goods and news from the greater galaxy.

But soon, the Dominion discovered Arboria's natives had been helping their hated enemies, and sent scout ships to investigate this unfamiliar world. When they discovered a rich, fertile, and untouched forest world on the fringes of the galaxy, the emperor granted Mondo Zax the right to test his latest invention - the mighty planet reapers. The shocked Aurin watched in horror as the Chua unleashed massive, devastating machines that would begin the total deforestation of Arboria—and died by the thousands when they tried to stop them.

The queen and her people fought back against the Chua and the rest of the Dominion as long as they could, but it was clear from the beginning that theirs was a losing battle. The Aurin had no means of escape. Over the objections of Myala's longest-serving consort, Arwick Redleaf, the queen decided to call on Dorian Walker's people, the Exile humans, who - with the help of FCON - managed a daring rescue mission that saved thousands of Aurin from certain death. Myala herself might not have survived the evacuation if her consort Arwick Redleaf hadn't insisted she board the escape shuttles - even though he desperately wanted to stay and fight, he refused to allow his queen to perish. Since then, their relationship has been strong, but tinged with argument over the ultimate fate of Arboria.

The queen of the Aurin has only recently left her homeworld, and she continues to extend her energies to protect those few Aurin left behind to guard the Mother Tree. Myala is well-respected by her allies in the Exiles—but the loss of so much forest habitat on distant Arboria has sapped her strength when she needs it most. Fortunately, the queen has been able to mitigate her weakness with primal life energy on Nexus, drawing on the forests of the Eldan world to appear outwardly strong, while inside slowly being consumed by exhaustion. As the fight with the Dominion intensifies and the Aurin on Nexus require increased strength and guidance, Myala will have to choose between maintaining her connection to Arboria and fully committing to a new home on Nexus.