News WildStar Wednesday: From Concept to Creature, Part 3

WildStar Wednesday: From Concept to Creature, Part 3

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on November 09, 2011
Son of the Return of Metal Maw!

You can't keep a good boss down! No matter how many times you take him out, he comes back again full force! Well, Metal Maw has taken yet another leap toward player domination and we were there, watching him.

Again, for those who might have missed out on our previous installments, we'll give you time to get caught up! If you check out this link right here, you'll get part 1. If you click here on this link, it will take you to part 2. When you're done with both of those, that should put you right in the middle of part 3. Which is where you are right now!

Welcome back!

This week, Brandon finishes up with our resident community monster and gives us the lowdown on what was required to complete Metal Maw before passing him on to the next lucky dev!

Sculpt - Once the tech pieces are finished being built, the rest of the sculpting is done to add in transitions from Metal Maw's organic body to the tech implants, and to add all final details needed for the normal maps.

Low Poly - After the sculpt is done, a low-poly model is built around it to make the in-game version of the creature.

Color Block In - Next is a texture bake from the high-poly sculpt and modeled pieces to the low-poly model. This is to generate normal maps In certain cases - like Metal Maw - some basic texturing is done on the sculpted model that can be baked down as a basic color map that has all patterns and details matched up to where they're needed on the final model.

Final - Once all the basic details from the normals and color map are there, normal maps are cleaned up and the color textures are rendered out. Additional texture maps are created: alpha maps for transparency, shader masks to determine what kind of material the different parts of the model has, glow maps for glowy bits, and the spec map to control shininess of parts when light moves across it.

Thanks again for your help, Brandon!

Put all those steps together and what do you have? A finished boss model! I want to point out - the Final picture up there is the actual model. That isn't concept art. When it is handed over to have rigging and animation done, that is what they will be using.

Yes. I am in awe of our art department, too.

There you have it, folks! Metal Maw has finished his journey through modeling and will soon be ready to animate. When he gets to his new home, we'll let you know what department he visits and who will be taking care of him. Until then, have a fantastic WildStar Wednesday!

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