We are back!

Written by Loic "Atreid" Claveau on January 05, 2012

Did you miss us? We hope so (if not, you can just pretend!) because we missed you! So now that the holidays are over, your WildStar community team is back in action, brainstorming all the cool things we have to share with you in the coming days and weeks.

Speaking of back in action, have you heard the good news? WildStar rang in the new year having snatched one award and made it on several best-of lists for 2012! Truth be told, we have not announced anything related to our release date, but don't tell them, as we're honored to appear on these lists nonetheless! So without further ado, here are the mentions:

Massively gave us the "Best of 2011" Award for Most Anticipated Beyond 2012. Here is an excerpt: "I want this game so badly right now. It seems like it has just the right balance of candy-colored graphics and space-western appeal".

G4 TV mentioned us in their Best MMO Games Of 2012: The Ones To Watch feature and they say: "Carbine Studios had quietly been working on this MMO for the last few years. It's a lush, beautiful MMO that takes what works from other MMOs and runs with them".

We also made it on An Exciting List Of PC Games For 2012 compiled by Rock, Paper, Shotgun gaming website who has this to say about WildStar: "Carbine's beautiful-looking intergalactic pseudo-Wild West seems the perfect locale for a traditional MMO romp".

Last but not least, William Murphy from MMORPG.COM wrote a feature called WildStar Column: The Year Ahead. It's an interesting read, indeed! Just for sake of it, here is one little quote: "the art style, paths, and general design of the game's content seemed rock solid".

In other news, we just wanted to make sure that everyone had seen the very nice article PTGameGeek from WildStar Source wrote about his super secret visit to our studios. So embark on the following link for A Tour of WildStar!

Keep an eye out for some more WildStar fun soon and do check our Facebook and Twitters (@Team_WildStar, @_CRB_Aether, @CRB_Atreid) as we are officially resuming our duties today!

Happy New Year!

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