Warplots 2: Plot Harder!

Written by Team WildStar on April 23, 2014

You’ve already seen the Flick, and you checked out our Warplots page last week. Now we have even more 40v40 awesomeness for you to digest! Check out our latest DevSpeak as we give you a closer look into our most hardcore game mode yet.

Want to know more about the customization of Warplots? Check out part 2 of our Warplots Drop page where we outline how you can make your fortress a machine of destruction with plugs, traps, summoned monsters, and more!

Residential Renovation! February 9–16

By Team WildStar on February 09, 2018

It’s show time! Sara Conavius is in town to help renovate your homes for the best program on holovision.

Boss Hunter Challenge

By Team WildStar on January 26, 2018

Kill more and get more in this limited-time challenge.

WildStar State of the Universe – 2018 Edition

By Team WildStar on January 17, 2018

Catch a peek at 2018 with this WildStar State of the Universe penned by Pappy himself.