Passing the Baton

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on November 23, 2011

Well, my friends, we have come to a crossroad! My experience bringing you information about WildStar, the game that exploded onto the scene, was better than I had even anticipated. I met fans in places like Germany, Seattle, and France. It was an amazing opportunity to make new friends across the world, while talking about a project I'm very passionate about. And, most of all, I had more fun with a game than anyone should be allowed to have!

Which is why saying goodbye is so hard.

New opportunities have opened up for me outside of the gaming industry, so I am stepping down from my duties as Senior Community Manager at Carbine Studios. I love WildStar and I love the team, but when an opportunity presents itself, sometimes you just have to take it. Fortunately, I'm leaving you in the hands of my good friends and colleagues, Producer/Community Director Troy Hewitt and European Community Lead, Loic Claveau! If you saw any of the coverage at gamescom, PAX, and Paris Games Week, you know these guys rock.

Things are moving along over here at Carbine Studios and I can't wait to see what they share next about WildStar. And I'll be right there with every one of you, waiting excitedly to learn everything I can about it.

I just signed up for the beta, too. *crossing fingers*

See you on Nexus!

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