New Mount Available
with 2-Step Verification!

Written by Team WildStar on July 09, 2014

Imagine you're enjoying all Nexus has to offer. You've obtained the rarest of Housing decor, you've maxed your Arena rank in PvP, and you're swimming in gold like the Nexus version of Scrooge McDuck. Living the good life, right?

Then all of a sudden, you log in and all your items are gone, your character's left cold and nude in the middle of the capital, and your hard-earned cash has been stolen! That's just the worst.

Now imagine that you have 2-Step Verification set-up and it's back to the good life. Your items are safe, your gold's secure. Now your account's much less at risk of being compromised and you can focus on the important stuff.

As if keeping all of your hard earned loot secure isn't reason enough to apply 2-Step Verification to your account, we're sweetening up the rewards, cupcake. You'll still get your usual incentive:

  • 2% XP, Renown, and Prestige bonus
  • Cybernetic Eyepatch
  • In-game title of Certifiably Certified

But starting July 10th, anyone with an active 2-Step Verification attached to their account gets one of the sweetest rides on Nexus, the Retroblade Mount.

If you’re already enrolled in 2-Step, you will automatically receive the Retroblade Mount in your Account Inventory by July 10. Don’t have 2-Step Verification but want a sweet mount and a safe account? Check out our Knowledge Base article or read our FAQ below to learn more about 2-Step Verification!

So don't sit back and let the hackers win. Get 2-Step Verification today and live the good life!

  • Why do I need to add 2-Step Verification?
    • We get it, nobody likes taking orders. But hey, you don't have to do anything. 2-Step Verification isn't required, but it is recommended.
    • It adds an additional layer of security that keeps your account safe from hackers.
  • How does the 2-Step Verification keep my account safe?
    • If you think of your account like a house, your password is the door. Adding 2-Step Verification to that is like putting a heavy-duty lock on that door. You wouldn't leave your door unlocked, would you?
  • What are the other incentives for applying a 2-Step Verification?
    • You get sweet in-game items: the Retro Blade mount, the Cybernetic Eyepatch, an in-game title that’ll make you the envy of Nexus. You also get a buff that boosts your XP, Prestige, and Renown.
  • Once I have 2-Step Verification set up, what changes?
    • Logging into WildStar will look a little different, as you'll have that extra layer of security to get through. When you log in, enter your username and password as normal. After that, a pop-up window with a keypad will show over your normal sign-in page, where you'll enter a six-digit code generated by your chosen authenticator, such as the Google Authenticator App (iTunes, Android)
    • Keys on the keypad are positioned randomly and you'll have to click on each key with your mouse.

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