Listen Up, Ya'll! It's Sabotage!

Written by Team WildStar on July 22, 2014

Introducing Sabotage, WildStar's latest PvP-focused content drop full of all the explosions we could muster! Nexus may be a planet of ancient mystery and alien gadgets, but in Sabotage, it's all about three things: bombs, bombs, and where you put 'em!

Check out the latest DevSpeak: Sabotage Gameplay:

Set in the spanking new 15v15 Battleground known as Daggerstone Pass, Sabotage is an intense, addictive new gaming experience seamlessly welding cutting-edge tactics to the greatest (and first) activity that the universe has ever given us: explosions!

What's all the fun that can be had in Sabotage?

For starters:

  • Enjoy inflicting carnage and mayhem on enemies in a 15v15 battleground.
  • Capture and control satellite uplinks to unleash brutal air strikes against the enemy's base!
  • Pick up time-bombs and use them to blow up enemies, and for a big bonuses, enemy fusion cores!
  • Rinse and repeat until the only thing left unexploded is your own skull! For now!

Now that's hardcore, but that's not all!

Win a slew of sweet exclusive items ranging from -

  • Stat-raising footwear to hair-raising electric fences
  • New Achievements
  • Décor items
  • Gear
  • Costumes, and crafting patterns
  • And the most important thing - all the glamor and dread of being the galaxy's most respected exploder! Ka-BOOMshakalaka!

If you can find a PvP mode more hardcore that this, anywhere else, we'll blow it up!

In the meantime, check out the Sabotage Ultra Drop page - it's the bomb!

Sabotage exemplifies Carbine's unique approach to content updates. Sabotage isn't just new content, but an entirely new way to play Battlegrounds.

Warning: Explosions have been known to cause feelings of being awesome!

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