WildStar Free Trial Giveaway Incoming!

Written by Team WildStar on July 25, 2014

Feeling the urge to explore the deepest corners of Nexus but have yet to take the plunge? Well, next week you and your posse will have the chance to spend seven glorious, uninterrupted, FREE days on Nexus! Starting Monday, WildStar is partnering with the sites listed below to end gaming’s adventure drought and make it rain 7-day free trial keys like there’s no tomorrow! Finally, a downpour that CAUSES dancing!

Check back with our partner sites starting at 6:00am PDT July 28 to grab your key and redeem it. If you don’t yet have a NC Account, be sure to sign up for one ASAP so you can attach the key, download, and start pwning universes today! Warning: universes sold separately while supplies last!

North America



United Kingdom







Please make sure you choose a Free Trial key that is applicable to your game accounts region. More Free Trial key details.

Mystery of the Genesis Prime is LIVE!

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The Defile Deep Dive

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5 Places You’ll Conquer in THE DEFILE!

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