News DevSpeak: Adventures

DevSpeak: Adventures

Written by The Caretaker on February 18, 2014

Got tons of questions about Adventures but were afraid to ask? Fear not, aspiring inquirer: in mere minutes the DevSpeak we've whipped together on that very topic has all the answers you need to transform you in mere minutes from a timid ignoramus into a tiger-hearted sage of Adventure arcana!

Adventures aren't just ordinary instances, they're complex simulations with special rules, objectives, and environments. Each one has unique challenges and rewards that you won't find anywhere else in WildStar!

So watch our DevSpeak and become an expert in all things Adventurous: what IS an Adventure? What, if anything, makes them different from Arenas, Battlegrounds, or applesauce? What are the perks of completing them should you unexpectedly survive (hint: tons!) and what are the penalties should you fail (hint: NOOOOOO!)? How do your choices affect what happens? And most important of all, how do you dive into one RIGHT NOW?

It may be just a coincidence that the most powerful players in WildStar will be top-level Adventure aficionados who got that way by imbibing sources such as the DevSpeak below. But are you willing to bet one of your characters' lives on it? If not, check out the Adventures Webpage now!

WildStar is heading to gamescom!

By Team Wildstar on July 24, 2014

Guten tag Cupcakes!

Listen Up, Ya'll! It's Sabotage!

By Team Wildstar on July 22, 2014

Introducing Sabotage, WildStar's latest PvP-focused content drop full of all the explosions we could muster! Nexus may be a planet of ancient mystery and alien gadgets, but in Sabotage, it's all about three things: bombs, bombs, and where you put 'em!

New Mount Available
with 2-Step Verification!

By Team Wildstar on July 09, 2014

Like awesome mounts? Hate insidious hackers? Then sign up for 2-Step Verification and get a ton of exclusive rewards, including a brand new mount, while protecting your account!

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