News Community Beta Key Giveaway!

Community Beta Key Giveaway!

Written by Team WildStar on January 23, 2014



We love our fans and we especially love those dedicated WildStar fanatics who create sites to bring the whole community together on. That’s why we’ve deputized a group of them to give out some beta keys!

Below you’ll find a number of sites all giving away beta keys in various giveaways and competitions!


WildStar Central

When: Jan 23rd to 27th

Join WildStarCentral for the first of our English Community giveaways! Check out their giveaway here for the details on their WildStar Limerick competition, and their giveaway on If you miss out on winning a key with them, then make sure you check out the giveaways with WildStarFans and The Core Network below!


WildStar Fans

When: Jan 27th to Jan 31st

Once the folks over at WildStarCentral have given away all their keys, you can jump over to WildStar Fans to try your luck again! Make sure you follow @WildStar_Fans on Twitter for more details when they start their giveaway.


The Core Network

When: Jan 31st to Feb 4th

Keep an eye out on The Core Network and their Twitter accounts; @WildStarCore and @NexusReport for details of their giveaway’s when they start!

Warplots Epic Drop Is Here!

By Team WildStar on April 16, 2014

You heard about it at PAX East, now is your chance to get your hands on even more Warplots!

Glory and Honor in the Halls of the Bloodsworn!

By Team WildStar on March 27, 2014

Long ago, the mighty Osun tested themselves within the legendary Halls of the Bloodsworn, now it’s your turn Cupcake!

Arenas: Enter the Slaughterdome!

By Team WildStar on March 25, 2014

Gladiators! Do you desire fame? Fortune? Glory? Bags full of loot? Then it's time to put out the call: The Slaughterdome awaits!

  • Pre-order bonus items
  • Exclusive Rocket House
  • Exclusive Housing Trophy
  • Exclusive In-Game Title
  • Access to Beta Weekends
  • 3 Day Head Start
  • In-game Storage Bag
  • And More!

   Pre-Order Trailer