News WildStar Wednesday - your feedback!

WildStar Wednesday - your feedback!

Written by Loic "Atreid" Claveau on December 14, 2011

Hello everyone,

As you probably noticed, this week is quite crazy in terms of content, and it's not even over yet! Given that we have so much information to share, we thought that instead of pulling focus from the great stuff we've got planned for the week, we'd rather thank you all for the feedback you've shared on the WildStar Week pieces to date. We are especially delighted about the fact that you liked our "roleplay" approach to things, but to be honest, we were expecting at least one "What a bunch of carebears!" type comment. It's not often in our line of work that you get to see universally positive reactions to the content we share- though don't get us wrong, we're not complaining!

So in closing, we wanted to share a couple of the things you shared in reference to The Sarge's interview:

thedarkess : "Great way to do interview!"

Dakeru: "That's the kind of roleplaying I enjoy."

Gaeanprayer: "I like where they're going with this one, weaving storyline into the game rather than being completely expositional about it"

Ranko: "I love the way these guys are going about things, very refreshing."

Aesperus: "Wow, very good interview. Haven't seen this kind of RP in an MMO for a long time"

BoostedBob: "Loved the whole byplay goin on"

Skuz: "Nicely done in character interview."

[redacted]licious: "wow this guys got the interview touch, funny and witty, i absolutely loved it. Never I read thw whole article word by word to the end, but this one...hahahaha...weldone!"

Dayzon: "I think an in-game interview would be a topper."

So yeah, if you've enjoyed the week so far, let me tell you: you haven't seen the last of it, believe me!

WildStar is heading to gamescom!

By Team Wildstar on July 24, 2014

Guten tag Cupcakes!

Listen Up, Ya'll! It's Sabotage!

By Team Wildstar on July 22, 2014

Introducing Sabotage, WildStar's latest PvP-focused content drop full of all the explosions we could muster! Nexus may be a planet of ancient mystery and alien gadgets, but in Sabotage, it's all about three things: bombs, bombs, and where you put 'em!

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By Team Wildstar on July 09, 2014

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