Madame Fay’s Frightful Fall Fortunes Resurrected!

Written by Team WildStar on September 28, 2017

Madame Fay has been communing with otherworldly entities, ready with new Fortunes (her own special antiquities). Her latest commodities so prime for the season—the terrifying tale of Jack Shade is the reason. His legend lives on in your children’s own nightmares, but remember that Shade’s Eve is mostly just jump-scares. This terrible season isn’t so terrible at all, it’s really just a party we throw in the fall. And Madame Fay’s new items aren’t reserved for the zealous; collect costumes and mounts to make all your friends jealous!

But, if you’re not yet ready to embrace the occasion, you must grab old Fortunes first before the Shade’s Eve invasion. On the fourth of October your time will expire, as Madame Fay’s old Fortunes will finally retire. And she’ll have spooky new goodies for you to explore—ghastly costumes, décor, and oh so much more!

Don’t take these new rewards as just a seasonal fare, you can use them all-year-round! As long as the fashion police don’t care.

Returning are true bone-chilling mount variations, each for you to bring scares to any location. But combine the Skelocirex of copper, bone white, and chrome, and the ultra-rare tar version will be yours to take home. That’s four freaky flesh-less rides to score from the dear Madame, so stop reading these rhymes and go out there and get ‘em!

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