1.7.2 Arrives June 7!

Written by Team WildStar on June 06, 2017

Introducing Prime Raids!

Expanding on the range of difficulty settings added to dungeons and Expeditions with the Power of the Primal Matrix update earlier this year, 1.7.2 introduces Prime Raids beginning with Y-83 Prime Level 1! If you enjoy raiding and want better incentives to return to previous raid tiers, this system is built for you. Likewise, if you’re looking for a method to keep a consistent raid schedule while ensuring that you continue to grow your character’s power at max-level, Prime Raids offer you this opportunity.

Y-83 Prime Level 1

Prime difficulty in raids will function quite a bit differently compared to other Prime instances. For example, Prime Level 1 is relatively uniform in the challenges and rewards presented across all dungeons; whereas Prime Raids will more closely mirror existing raid progression and offer an extension—that increases with each raid and Prime Level—beyond the challenges and rewards of their normal difficulty counterparts.

Y-83 Prime Level 1 is the first tier of extended raid progression following Redmoon Terror, and is intended to best suit coordinated groups that have completed all existing raids and are geared accordingly. Following 1.7.2, each raid dungeon will be released in separate game updates at Prime Level 1, adding another step up in difficulty and gear power. Once all raid dungeons have been made available at Prime Level 1, the system will continue the progression pattern at Prime Level 2, and so on.

Y-83 Prime Hard Mode and Lockouts

It’s important to note that Prime Raids scale enemy health and damage by a percentage above the existing version of the dungeon. Given that Y-83 has a Hard Mode modifier that can be applied in combat to buff boss health and damage, as well as enable additional encounter mechanics, groups that enter the dungeon at Prime Level 1 will still have the option to further increase the difficulty by activating Hard Mode. This effectively means Y-83 has four distinct difficulties with the inclusion of the Prime setting—normal, Prime Level 1, Hard Mode, and Prime Level 1 Hard Mode.

In addition, each Prime Raid has a unique lockout per Prime Level, which in 1.7.2 gives you the choice of clearing the existing version of Y-83 (normal or Hard Mode), as well as Prime Level 1 (normal or Hard Mode) between each instance lockout reset.

Progenitor Access Particles: Emphasizing the Access

To ease some of the burden players have experienced while hunting Progenitor Access Particles, they now have a rare chance to drop throughout Prime Dungeons, during Arcterra five-player encounters, and in World Boss and Arcterra Boss loot bags. In addition, the chance to obtain a Progenitor Access Particle has increased slightly at the end of Prime Dungeons and when turning in Tier-2 Contracts.

1.7.2 Game Update Notes

To view the full 1.7.2 patch notes head to the Game Updates forum (available in English only).

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