Be My Valentine Store Update

Written by Team WildStar on February 16, 2017

Come here, Loverboard!

Ride the crescent wave of your most sensational emotions on the all-new Loverboard! This slick and dashing dancer will tap into a great tenderness in your heart, allowing you to better understand the boundless affection within you while zipping after yours truly.

And if this all sounds too mushy, no one’s gonna judge you for cruising on the Loverboard ironically, with hatred steeped deep down in your soul.

Decorating with Feeling

If you need to spice up your remote romantic getaway, don’t forget to grab the Valentine’s décor. You’ll get a set of three “Be Mine” plush dolls, a bed of love, and of course a heart pillow. There’s no better way to sweeten the deal with your significant other than to add cuddly creatures and heart decorations to the bedroom.

Of course, if this isn’t your holiday, it’s worth noting that plush dolls are extra absorbent of tears and incoherent, lonely screams. Or you can use the heart pillow for target practice, imagining it as the cold-dead center of an uncaring universe for which there is no purpose.

Snuggle Up, Buttercup

Everyone needs a healthy helping of cuddles in life, regardless of race, native planet, or furriness. Adopt Little Snuggles to be the companion you’ll always want by your side or resting comfortably in your lap. Don’t stress about stocking up on pet food either. This little sweetheart is sustained purely by innocent affections.

Okay, if you’re not a fan of this holiday, don’t take it out on Little Snuggles. Animals have rights too and shouldn’t be left to stew in the horrors of your solitude.

Shot Through the Heart

Nexus wouldn’t be the wild terrain it is without plenty of firepower. This Valentine’s Day, take grip of the cannon built for expressing adoration at range—the Love Launcher. This weapon looks plenty cool, and will cause hearts to spring forth from your target.

Or if you’re particularly malicious, maybe you’re imagining their heart springing forth from their chest. Go lie down now. You’re scaring Little Snuggles.


Accessing the Store

  • Launch the game
  • Click on the Phineas icon on the bottom left, or press the letter “U” on your keyboard

Most everything on the store can be purchased using either OmniBits (a free currency earned in-game alongside XP) or Protobucks, so get your Protostar-approved items today!


All this icing looking pretty sweet? Then dive in today and get yourself a galaxy-sized slice of WildStar cake—no subscription required.

Be My Valentine Store Update

By Team WildStar on February 16, 2017

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