Redmoon Mutiny Arrives November 16

Written by Team WildStar on October 25, 2016

The second phase of the Redmoon Terror raid—Redmoon Mutiny—will be available on November 16! One week earlier, on November 9, the update that includes the raid will go live, giving us time on the live servers with some of the new update features (including cross-faction grouping) before we actually open the raid up for progression.

The Redmoon Mutiny

Now that Mordechai is out of the picture, it’s time to face the real power behind the Redmoon Marauders—Laveka the Dark-Hearted.

Ish’amel may be happy with your progress so far, but the Redmoon Terror won’t be his again until Laveka and her necromantic minions are taken care of. Getting to Laveka won’t be easy, though, and there are hordes of enemies and a dozen minibosses (in addition to the big creeps shown below) that your group of level-50 heroes must overcome before they arrive at the last stop on this rollicking ride of astronautical terror. Unless you’re well-prepared for these new challenges, you’ll probably find yourself sharing a degrading orbit around Nexus with what’s left of Mordechai Redmoon. All hands on deck!

Star-Eater the Voracious

One of the Redmoon Terror’s most dangerous crew is the Octog known as Star-Eater the Voracious. It’s said that Star-Eater once swallowed a black hole, for the creature is always hungry and can never seem to sate its prodigious appetite. Trust us, the last place you want to end your career in is Star-Eater’s gullet!

Navigation Core

One of the Redmoon Terror’s most interesting features is its Navigation Core. Designed by Chua engineers and plundered from a Dominion cruiser, the Core also acts as a defensive weapon that can utilize hard light projections to ruin anyone’s day. Ever been squashed by a planet before? Here’s your big chance!

Laveka the Dark-Hearted

A necroshaman with no rival, Laveka has used Mordechai and his pirates to achieve levels of power beyond her darkest dreams. Between the Mask of Mog Mog, stolen from Skullcano Island, and her own innate ability to manipulate the magic of death, she presents a threat like nothing you’ve ever faced before.


The Redmoon Mutiny update arrives November 16!

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