Mystery Box Promo Ends November 7

Written by Team WildStar on October 17, 2016

With the transition to Free-to-Play late last year, and the dwindling number of physical boxes still left in the wild, we’re ending the Mystery Box Promo on November 7. The promotion allowed you to claim additional game box keys beyond the first one, and receive a Mystery Box item for each additional game key claimed. More information on the promotion and the items it rewards can be found in our original announcement article.

The Snarfelynx mount has recently been made available outside of the Mystery Box promotion, and we expect the other items may become available through other means in the future—such as in-game events or for sale on the In-Game Store.

If you have any remaining game box codes you’ll want to make sure you claim them before November 7 to receive a Mystery Box. On November 7 (and thereafter) an account that has never claimed a game box code will be able to claim a code once, and it will provide 30 days of Signature and a Mystery Box. If a game box code has already been claimed (either before the end of the promotion or after), no further game box codes will be able to be used on that account. 

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