Lockboxes and You

Written by Team WildStar on September 22, 2016

Unlock & Load

If you’ve ever wondered what that shiny chest is at the end of an instance, or shrugged it off because you didn’t have a key to peek inside, listen up!

Every savvy Nexus adventurer should know that Lockboxes provide a perfect means of padding your inventory with quality bonus items, after all other loot has dropped and been dealt. These chests spawn upon completing Veteran Expeditions, Veteran Adventures, and Veteran Dungeons, as well as defeating world bosses. In addition, you’ll earn a lockbox for completing any of the three Public Events in Star-Comm Basin, plus Siege of the Lightspire (the Defile), Guardians of the Grove (Blighthaven), and Hellrose Bowl and Containment R-12 (Malgrave).

And—coming to Nexus with the 1.6.1 game update Wednesday, September 28—there’s also a chance for a lockbox to drop for your Raid group each time you kill a boss in Genetic Archives and Datascape. It’s up to your team to determine how to dole these Raid caches out when they drop from a boss, as they can be traded or even sold on the Auction House.

What’s in the Lockbox?

Standard (non-Raid) lockboxes are guaranteed to contain gear and foci for all levels of players. Level 50 players will always receive a piece of ilvl 100 gear and a cosmetic item, as well as variable amounts and qualities of rune set foci. If you’re not yet level 50, the drops will be scaled down to your level.

Raid lockboxes contain class set gear correspondent with the Raid in which they drop, variable amounts and qualities of class foci, as well as the potential for some assortment of rune foci and cosmetic items from the same sets found in standard lockboxes.

Ultimately, lockboxes are there to give you an extra shot at significantly boosting your character’s power, as well as a chance at bonus OmniBits, Service Tokens, and a plethora of cosmetic items.

Where My Keys?

Of course, a lockbox wouldn’t be very useful without a key! You can collect keys in a number of different ways to ensure you always have one handy before warping into the fray. Signature subscribers receive one free Lockbox Key per week as a perk of membership. In addition, anyone can purchase Lockbox Keys from the In-Game Store using OmniBits (a free currency earned in-game alongside XP) or Protobucks.

Ready to jump into WildStar and start unlocking some Lockboxes? You can unleash these treasures—and a ton more—totally for free!


Update: An earlier version of this article implied that the changes to standard lockboxes and addition of raid lockboxes are already live. They'll be implemented with the 1.6.1 game update currently slated for release Wednesday, September 28.

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